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“I am very concerned about the attitude towards our companies in Mexico”: Blinken

After a US mining company said the military had broken into its facilities in the Mexican Caribbean, US Secretary of State Anthony blinkthey say that “concerned” for dealing with companies from his country in Mexico.

“I’m very concerned about the attitude towards our companies in Mexico,” the leader of American diplomacy said during his speech before a subcommittee of the US House of Representatives.

At this meeting, Republican Congressman Jerry Karl assured that the Mexican government illegally seized the company’s facilities. Volcanic materials near Playa del Carmen and asked the Joe Biden administration to take a “harder stance” in defense of American companies.

Topic reviewed with AMLO

Secretary of State assured that “repeatedly approached” President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. concern about the treatment of companies from their country.

And in the specific case of the US mining company, he said the US government acted “very actively” both from the ground and from Washington to protect it.

We have requested information both local authorities and the federal government (Mexico) for a military and police presence.”

Kalika mine closed due to environmental disaster

Jerry Karl was part of a congressional delegation that met Lopez Obrador in February in Mexico City and assured him that the Mexican government had promised him to resolve the conflict with said mining company.

Government of Mexico mining company Calica was closed in 2022. American volcanic materials in the Mexican Caribbean, accusing her of causing environmental disaster and participation in Mayan train protestsemblematic work of López Obrador for the area.

AMLO Accuses Republicans of Funding ‘Pseudo-Environmentalists’

Lopez Obrador accused this Thursday Republican Party funds ‘pseudo-environmental’ groups oppose their infrastructure work.

The President pointed to the “double speech and double standards” of the Republicans, because “how they talk about protecting the environment and climate change issues and destroying at the same time.”

And when it comes to doing work like the Mayan Train, they fund these groups themselves so that they discourage any work that benefits people.

The United States and Canada are also in dispute with Mexico in the USMCA free trade agreement, given that López Obrador’s energy policy discriminates against their companies. (EFE)

Source: Aristegui Noticias



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