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Diya launched her own podcast: In the second issue, they talked about the operation of the application abroad

In particular, they touched upon the Ukrainians’ experience of using Diya abroad, the translation of documents into English, and the attitude of foreign government agencies towards digitization.


The European Union has a different area of ​​law. In order for digital documents to be accepted in their region, they must officially define what digital documents are. And as soon as this happens, it will be possible to talk about the legal recognition of Action abroad,
– Mstislav Banik explained at the beginning of the issue.

Denys Ivanov noted that although the Act is not yet legally recognized, Ukrainian digital documents are still accepted abroad. For example, after the start of the large-scale invasion of Russia, the Ukrainians left the war zone abroad and showed Action in passing.

I’ll explain how it works: there are legal and practical ways. According to the practical way, Diya is accepted “by faith”, and there are many cases of Ukrainians who went abroad during a full-scale occupation and showed documents on the application. Regarding the legal path, it is very difficult to negotiate with a country that does not recognize its electronic documents to recognize our documents in Diya. But we negotiate with the countries of the world and share their experience of implementing digital documents,
– said Denis Ivanov.

Yevhen Synelnikov shared his experiences of using Diya abroad and urged other countries to digitize as soon as possible.

Full episode of “Digital” podcast: video

Source: 24 Tv



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