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Xiaomi has announced that MIUI 14 can be tested on Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro

This new version of the popular mobile operating system includes a number of new features and improvements aimed at improving the user experience. Now that testing has begun, we may soon see a stable rollout of the build to a wider audience.

Zhang Guoquan is the director of system software for Xiaomi mobile phones. It was previously claimed on Weibo that the MIUI 14 update for the Mi 10 series will be released this week. He also said that software builds will begin testing next week. Same thing is happening now, tester build is now available for devices.

MIUI 14 test build for Mi 10 has build number The update has an enormous weight of 4.0 GB. The size should be obvious as this is a major update that brings many changes and revisions to the device.

The first thing you will notice about MIUI 14 will be the updated visual design, which gives the operating system a more modern look and feel. The interface has been updated to include a dark option that allows users to easily switch between light and dark themes whenever they want to change their theme preferences, without having to manually adjust the settings. There are also new privacy protections to keep users’ data safe while using many of the device’s features.

Finally, Xiaomi has added some interesting additions such as animated wallpapers that will move around on the home screen depending on the type of content you are viewing. These animations add an extra degree of engagement to your phone interactions, making them more interesting overall!

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