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Intel Announces It’s Stopping Work on 5G and LTE: But Why?

US-based technology giant Intelis a leading company in various fields. 5G and LTE technologies were one of them. However, the new news showed that Intel will stop making strides on these technologies.

Many sources say that Intel recently launched 5G modems and LTE modems in 2025. will give up his job had reported. New statements from the company revealed that this is going to happen.

Intel stops working on 5G to focus on IDM 2.0 strategy

The tech giant confirmed the rumors in its statements to More than Moore, explaining the reason behind it: “We continue to prioritize investments in our IDM 2.0 strategy. for both LTE and 5G We have made the difficult decision to end our WWAN (Wireless Wide Area Network) business.”

IDM 2.0 technology was announced in 2021. With this strategy, determined to expand production, the goal was to design and produce the best products. With this, the company indicated that it wanted to be a leader in processes, products, stocks and costs.

Three years ago, Intel sold its 5G modem business to Apple for $1 billion. It later started making 5G modems for computers by partnering with MediaTek. The first products will have found their place on the shelves in 2021. But now the news has shown that the life of these products will not last long. On the 4G side, it worked with Fibocom for 4G LTE modems.

The statements now indicate that the company may be planning to transfer its 4G and 5G business to these two companies. From Intel’s 5G market until Julyif of the entire WWAN market until 2025 expected to come true.

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