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France plans to use AI-assisted surveillance systems at the 2024 Olympics despite concerns

The Summer Olympics, one of the largest sporting organizations in the world, will be held in Paris, the capital of France, in 2024. As the excited wait continues, information now shows that the French government plans to use a controversial technology during the event.

According to The Register, the government will participate in the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. want to use surveillance mechanisms supported by artificial intelligence explained. This means that automated analytics will be used in many different areas, from fixed cameras to drone cameras.

It aims at detecting suspicious events in the public space with the help of the system.

With the use of artificial intelligence in video surveillance, the government has suspicious incidents in public space aims to detect. As is known, the countries where the Olympic Games are held can get very busy during the organization.

Although the parliament accepts the surveillance plan supported by artificial intelligence, it can be argued that there will be strong objections to it. If it happens, France will be the first country in the European Union to introduce such a system.

There are major concerns about AI-powered surveillance systems

The French government turned to this decision, ignoring warnings from 38 non-governmental organizations who expressed their concerns about the technology in an open letter. According to the organizations, the proposed surveillance measures violates human rights law. of technology; It is also stated that it entails unacceptable risks when it comes to matters such as discrimination, the right to privacy, the right to meet and organize.

In addition, the letter states that if the system is adopted, there will be unfair and disproportionate surveillance in public places. As for discrimination,The use of algorithmic systems against crime has so far led to extremism in the police force, structural discrimination in the criminal justice system and increased crime against racial, ethnic and religious minorities. expressions are used. On the other hand, other opponents of the system point the decision to France to a dystopian place He says he can translate.

There was already a big debate about AI-powered surveillance systems. Experts agree that governments that he can abuse the systems as he pleases. emphasized. Moreover, research into facial recognition technologies shows that these systems areprejudices about things like age and gender He had shown he could handle it. What do you think of using these systems?

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