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Additional Kanon Rai: Offer for an accessible TV broadcast

È shine in ottoman 2021 dell’abolizione or dell’aumento del Canone RAI nella bolletta. You can act as you like in the pursuit of many debates and debates, presenting a variety of opinions for different views or Italian political parties. L’ultimo in linea chronological and stato Matteo Salvinileader della Lega offered che ha l’Canone RAI cancellation in progress before progress bolletta dell’importo. Andiamo vedere i dettagli.


Canone RAI, Year 5 entry: select Lega della Lega Proposta

Secondo quanto rivelato da ADKronos Italian political party submitting a bill in the Senate Gradual reduction of the RAI fee by 20% each year until it is completely eliminated. Il tutto, a clear redefinition of the concept of public service before it. Information before something is created channel entirely dedicated to cultural promotionmay be an ammessi that has not been published anywhere. The test for television broadcasting of the canon, which was considered anachronistic and unfair, completely disappeared within five years. In addition, the working time, canone non debba essere pagato se gli utenti non hanno errete or non servizio extranei alla loro volontà.

uninstalling canone rai

More information: Canone RAI, pre-diet: restore Bolletta

Lega believes that public radio, television and multimedia services are indispensable for maintaining e-mail. Differentiate cultural and social value and local identity. In addition, the law requires complete, objective and plural information that values ​​local identity and linguistic minorities. Programs should also communicate with the public first. Realistic representation of the role women play in social lifecultural and economic of the country.

La Lega ha anche proposto di Financial program and “brand” associated with the Canon’s contributionBring continuity and certainty to RAI’s governance with a 12-year franchise and a 5-year tenure for board members. Finally, the bill is limited to coverage of editorial costs and guarantee of responsibilities, 30% of production, outsourcing organization and realizazioni.

Is there a canone RAI that removes Davvero?

Like many other public and private television companies, La Rai has been affected by the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has caused significant loss of life. rearrange input output in pubblicitari and a reduction in the number of capital letters. In 2020, RAI recorded a loss of around 200m euros and estimates that the financial situation will worsen if the canoe is lowered. la canceling canone agent is a serious threat to public tv channel. In addition, the canon comparison can be compared to another Reducing staff and services offered by RAI.

Because Matteo Salvini’s proposal was so beautiful and positive, Insomma, è highly improbable In control and in control for the elimination of RAI law.

Look forward to Canon RAI

Il canone Rai e stato Founded in 1976 in Italy con la legge 1039, for the purpose of financing the public radio television service offered by RAI. Il canone è stato is arranged in succession by legge n. Law no. 223 of 1990, which determines the amount of imports of the law, Obligation to purchase the color section of a television It is a device that receives receivers from a television channel and sanzioni for non-broadcast packets.

You can use it to finance television programs and radiophonic programs as part of RAI. guarantees the independence of the society of broadcasting and political and commercial control. Nel corso degli anni, il kanone Rai, object of criticism and criticism, normative normative application of the pagamento material of the soprato and canon for the quantity of the effectiveness of the public movement of the RAI.

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