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The Vivo Y21G is equipped with a 5000mAh battery, thinner body and Helio G70 processor.

Chinese Vivo announced the launch in India of its new Smartphone Vivo Y21G. The new smartphone is similar to the original Y21 that...

WhatsApp: this is how messages are sent with different fonts on iPhone and Android

Use Fonts app from Google Play Store and App Store. (photo: iSenaCode) Source: Info Bae

This Flevopolder is the world’s largest artificial island: around 1,000 km2 and the result of Dutch engineering

If you're wandering around the Netherlands, you'll probably hear an anecdote that may infuriate some, but that's certainly not misguided: "God made...

This is Waylet, the popular Repsol app that saves up to 30 cents per liter on diesel and petrol.

Unfortunately for drivers, fuel prices skyrocketed Recently, the Government had to act on this issue and announced a 20 cent/liter discount on...

How to pretend someone is at home with Google Home

When we go on vacation, we tend to get nervous about having to leave our house empty all these days, fearing that...

KMF Champion Fastpay Wildcats!

FastPay Wildcats defeats its opponent in the winter season finale, which esports fans are eagerly awaiting, and will represent our country at MSI 2022. KMF,...

Blockade of financial virtual scams increased by 100% in February

A study published by cybersecurity company PSafe found that February saw a 100 percent increase in virtual financial fraud attempts in Brazil compared to...

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