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We can see electric cars for Egea money in Turkey: The world’s best electric car sales company opens a factory in Europe

One of the world’s largest electric car companies BYD A remarkable development has taken place. A spokesman for BYD, who gave an interview to CarNewsChina newspaper, said the company has rolled up its sleeves to produce electric cars in Europe. According to the statement, the company is preparing for the first electric car factory in Europe. place scavenger hunt in.

It is not the first time that BYD has announced its production plans in Europe. In fact, in the December 2022 statements, the company’s presence in Europe more than one It may have been a factory. In addition, the company had a factory in France that has been producing electric buses in recent years. However, when there is not enough demand, the factory was closed.

France is one of the prominent names in the new factory


Speaking to CarNewsChina, a BYD spokesperson declined to name the country. However, there have been some developments in this area in the recent past. French governmentrecently announced that it is negotiating with BYD for the factory. Industry sources say Spain and Germany are also on the table. What about Turkey? Vehicles from China for Government Togg 40 percent additional customs duties The chance that BYD will open a factory in Turkey is quite small.

Even if the factory is not in Turkey, it is also convenient for us!

BYD has already announced its future to Turkey. announced. However, the 40 percent additional customs tax we just mentioned, Decision of the Presidentincreases the prices of electric vehicles imported from China to Turkey by hundreds of thousands of TL. This is not the case for vehicles produced in Europe. This is where Turkey’s advantage comes to the fore. BYD will not receive any additional customs duties if it imports the cars it will sell in Turkey from Europe instead of China. In this way Egea with electric cars at Clio price We will have the chance to meet.

Leapmotor T03, the cheapest electric car in Turkey, would have been at least 200 thousand TL cheaper if it had come from Europe instead of China.

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