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A city-changing scooter on a single charge! Emove Cruiser S review

Hello all from Webtekno, friends. Welcome to a scooter review with Merdan. With its speed, mileage, ample legroom and seating area, Move Cruiser S Our guest in this video. Now let’s push the boundaries of this tool.

Emove Cruiser S Technical Specifications

– 100 km range

– 21,700 cell LG battery

– IPX6 water certification

– Automotive grade pneumatic tires with self-healing in the event of a puncture

– With a motor power of 1600 W, it can accelerate up to 52 km / h

– 5 different vibrant colors (black, white, purple, red, orange)

– 23kg weight

– Has the largest floor space

– Can be attached to the trunk

– Seat can be installed

– Smooth driving with Sine Wave controller

– Turn signals, headlights, road lights

– Rear and front Xtech hybrid hydraulic brakes

– Dinamoride Warranty and Emove exclusive service

– One of the most preferred brands in America,

– The only electric scooter with 50,000 active users and continuously developed in 5 years

You can click this link to buy and review the Emove Cruiser S.

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