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7 models that saved famous car companies from extinction

The automotive industry is one of the most competitive areas. no matter how big they are automotive companiesIf it cannot produce or sell even for a short time, it is facing very serious problems. Despite the billions of dollars in money, many companies even today can only turn the wheels by working together for many models.

Many large companies in the past could no longer function and were preparing to raise the flag of bankruptcy. However, they did not give up the fight and dreamed of a definitive model that would save itself by using the last resources they had. As a result, they saved their businesses and today they are largely some iconic models popped up. Let’s take a look at those models together.

Here are those hero models

  • BMW 700
  • Volkswagen Beetle
  • Mercedes 300SL
  • Ford from 1949
  • Fiat500
  • Porsche Boxster
  • Audi Quatro

Shaking the market BMW never visited again, the BMW 700

bmw 700

When people think of BMW fast and prestigious cars The BMW 700, the model that saved the company from extinction, was actually an economy class car. This model, with its rather small engine behind it, was in danger of becoming financially exhausted in 1959. He was BMW’s last hope. Until the end of production in 1965, 188,000 BMW 700s were sold, while the company managed to survive the collapse.

Volkswagen Beetle, which is loved to this day

Volkswagen Beetle

II. It was founded by the Nazi government during World War II. Volkswagen BeetleIn fact, it was a model that reflected the fate of the country. In 1938, a cheap model was produced for the German people, but especially for the Nazi army.

During the war, the factory was bombed and when Germany lost the war, everything was mixed up. When the British manufacturers do not want the factory, the commander is put in charge of the factory ‘Then let the British army build the necessary cars’ so that the refugee crisis does not break out. German workers He made such an effort to keep them in the country. Beetle models also started to go on sale for civilians before VW returned to Germany. This is how he prevented VW from disappearing.

Mercedes 300SL winged to the future with its gull-wing doors

mercedes benz 300sl

Another German company, again II. World War. from Mercedes almost all of its factories were bombed and bankruptcy was not ruled out. Mercedes, which wants to test one last model before going bankrupt, “Even if we sink, let us sink gloriously.” he will have said Mercedes 300SL had produced. Thanks to this series, including the gull wing model, the company managed to survive.

1949 Ford that took Ford from big to giant

Ford from 1949

II. It was not all rosy for car manufacturers on the other front of the Second World War either. Ford, who had been manufacturing for the military for years, had no modern design on hand when he returned to making cars. Moreover Henry Ford he was no longer alive.

In addition, Chevrolet and Pointiac pre-war series was renewed. Ford had to do something before it disappeared from the passenger car market. So they did: 1949 Ford. The vehicle, which received 100,000 orders at launch, also saved Ford.

The Fiat 500, which remains to this day

fiat 500 nuova

Fiat’s situation is a bit more complicated because they got themselves into trouble for this model. The first Fiat 500 topolino“, It was popular in Italy. After the war, the market for small town cars with rear engines grew.

Like the Italians car shortage they tried to do their daily chores, often on Vespas. Fiat also mobilized all the resources at its disposal during these years, when it was already losing blood. Fiat 500 Nuova offered the model for sale.

With this cheap and practical car, Italians could easily go to the coast. And of course the French. And of course people in other countries. More than 188,000 Nuovas were sold in three years.

The Porsche Boxster that puts the “poor 911” to shame

porsche boxster

Sale mid 1990s by 70% The bells started to ring for Porsche, which only owned one model and which no company wanted to buy.

The 911 series was getting old and that of the company other model trials were not very successful. Before locking the factory door, Porsche decided to give the Boxster one last try.

The production of the vehicle took almost three years. Boxster paid off for this effort, with total annual sales. over 50 thousand wore it.

“If you had these things, why didn’t you do it sooner?” Audi Quatro

audi quatro

In the 1980s, Audi was lagging behind its competitors both in terms of model popularity and brand image. This was also reflected in sales. The lagging company has a four-wheel drive system to close this gap. Audi Quatro produced.

The Quattro was not only a modern and stylish car, it was an almost flawless car that could win races, as it proved in rallies. It enabled the brand to improve both its image and its financial situation.

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