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Dacia Duster is now sold as “Renault Duster”: here is the first photo

French car giant RenaultAn explosive action came from Turkey regarding Turkey. The company announced that it will now sell the SUV model ‘Duster’, which it has been selling under the Dacia brand for years, as the Renault Duster. duster, second half of next year From now on it will carry the Renault logo.

The company held a meeting today in Istanbul with the participation of names such as Fabrice Cambolive, one of its senior managers. Press meeting carried out. This press conference explained how work was being done in the context of the collaboration between Renault and OYAK. Also Renault”International Game Plan 2027It was also announced what awaits consumers in Turkey in the context of the ‘objectives’. The Renault Duster announcement was also made at this time.

There will be 4 local models!

Renault Duster

According to the statement, OYAK’s Renault factory will be closed until 2027. 4 local models will start production. Three of these will consist of vehicles in the B and C SUV segments. One of the models in the C-SUV segment will predictably be the Renault Duster. Renault Duster will be launched next year hybrid engine choice Let’s give as a footnote what he has to offer.

Renault Duster comes to Turkey

CEO of Renault Group Türkiye Jan Ptacek In the statement of:

Today I am pleased to announce that we plan to localize four new Renault models at our Renault plant in Bursa Oyak before 2027. There will be three SUVs, one of these new cars being Renault Duster. As Renault, we will further consolidate our leadership by offering a product range that meets customer needs in the B and C SUV segments in Turkey with these new products.


MAIS A.Ş. CEO Dr. Berk Çağdaş made the following statements about Renault Duster’s plans:

Today I would like to announce the new Renault Duster, the first of the three SUVs that we plan to localize in Turkey from 2024. I am sure that the new Renault Duster will continue the success story of the Duster model. Duster is a true icon and has achieved great success worldwide in the more than thirteen years of his career. Duster has sold over 1.7 million copies worldwide. The new Renault Duster retains all the features that made its previous generations successful. With the Duster and new SUVs, the Renault brand has a complete SUV range.

This is what the 2024 Dacia Duster, introduced a few days ago, looked like:

Dacia Duster from 2024

Looking at Renault’s other statements about its future in Turkey, to electrical conversion It’s clear he cares. Because according to Renault, 1 in 3 Renaults sold will be electric by 2027. In this process, the company will also invest in the Bursa plant and use Renault’s new generation of cars. platform will integrate it into this factory. Extent of the investments to be made according to Renault 400 million euros will exceed.

Renault’s statements come from the company’s factory in Bursa. hopeful is it reveals. Because according to the company, the OYAK factory will be a global export center by 2027. The factory, which currently imports 75 percent of the vehicles produced to Europe, will do the same to more than 50 countries will export.

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