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Lamborghini official: Electric vehicle performance is not yet consistent

As we enter the era when electric vehicles were at their brightest, we can’t help but turn our heads and think about the times when the engines roared. Of course, we make this sentence without taking environmental factors into account. For Tesla Even though we accept those who started their lives with direct electric models such as Lamborghini The transition from car manufacturers, whose engine sounds we bury in our minds, to the electric field is not easy for consumers.

It seems consumer habits aren’t the only problem here. Zira Lamborghini Asia Pacific Regional Manager Francesco Scardaoni, explained exactly what the company is waiting for in transitioning to fully electric vehicles. It is worth noting that the statement in question is open to debate.

“The heavy batteries of the current generation are not yet suitable for the sports cars that represent the company.”

Lamborghini Lanzador

During the promotional event of the hybrid Revuelto model, Scardaoni said that when you go to the track with an electric vehicle and drive 2-3 laps, between laps the vehicle is warming up or There is a loss of performance he claimed. For this reason, Scardaoni stated that Lamborghini is not going for a 100% electric model at this stage, in addition to saying that they care about customer opinions.

But in 2028 Lamborghini Lanzador We know that the concept vehicle will also go into production. So does Scardaoni contradict itself? Of course not. Scardaoni said these statements for performance sports vehicles. Lanzador, on the other hand, is a 2-door and 4-seater GT vehicle It will appear as . The company, which has so far converted other models into hybrids, aims to halve its carbon footprint by 2025.

Scardaoni states that super sports vehicles can also reach a fully electric point in the future and will be at a level that meets needs. According to the official’s words, Lamborghini is here although not a pioneer It will be the best in its field.

Video of Lamborghini Urus versus Tesla Cybertruck in a drag race:

Do you agree with Scardaoni’s words?

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