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Electric Fiat Panda concepts introduced: This is the design that futuristic car enthusiasts will love [Video]


electric car The intense activity in the market appears to have calmed down somewhat this year. On the other hand, these vehicles are just starting to become accessible and affordable. Fiat also has five different ones Panda is preparing to bring back its model as the era of affordable electric cars begins. Concept designs of these models have emerged.

The first model will arrive on July 11, 2024

Fiat has already indicated that new concepts will go into mass production. The first of the models On July 11, 2024 will appear at the upcoming event. In addition to the city car, the new concepts also include various concepts such as a mega-large camper version and a fastback model. After the emergence of the first model, every year is a new model will be for sale.

Fiat will offer three different engine options in these models. These engine options include electric drive unit, hybrid engine and internal combustion engine options. The electric model will be produced in time for the Italian giant’s 125th anniversary. “Panda’s Children” These models, called models, are the models we last saw in the C3 model of sister brand Citroen. Smart Car platform It will be built and sold all over the world.

Panda is currently Fiat’s best-selling model in Italy. The Italian giant plans to make this model, together with the new electrical systems, especially popular in the Middle East, Africa and the rest of Europe. Fiat, here and there It smells like the 80s and is confident in the success of the vehicles inspired by the model produced at the company’s first factory in Turin, Italy.

Could this change the situation of pandas in Turkey?

Although Fiat Panda is a popular model in Europe, it is not a very popular model in Turkey because it has a much more affordable and, according to many, ‘better’ rival, such as the Egea. However, if the new Panda is priced competitively as a more modern vehicle, it could take away from the Egea’s popularity. Maybe…

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