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Tesla recalls more than 300,000 vehicles ‘again’: software update broken car, users rioted

Despite selling fewer vehicles than the Japanese car giant Toyota 8 times more winners Tesla recently launched a Model Y. involved in an accident grew up with. The allegations that the vehicle was in an accident due to the failure of the vehicle’s brakes are the claims of Tesla’s vehicles. whether it is reliable had been questioned.

Today, Tesla officials in a statement recalled more than 300,000 cars to service centers. The problem is due to the latest update of the tools.

The update broke the taillights of the car

In Tesla’s statement, the software update is coming to the 2023 model Tesla Model 3s and the 2020-2023 model Tesla Model Y the vehicle broke the taillights announced. The randomly flashing taillights of about 321,000 vehicles sometimes don’t come on when you brake, and sometimes they glow as if you braked. After the update, Tesla models will be released in some states in the US after causing accidents by rear lights The company called all cars that received the update for service.

It has been announced that the rear lights that break due to a “Bug” in the update are permanently damaged and that the defective parts will be replaced free of charge with the new software update. all year 2022 calling their vehicles for maintenance a total of 19 times. Tesla leaves a negative impression in the eyes of its users.

Following Tesla’s announcement, some users on Reddit and Twitter said they were tired of Tesla’s faulty tools and updates. He rebelled against the company and said they would sell their cars.. Tesla, on the other hand, gave no explanation as to why the cars were constantly having problems.

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