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Sony is going to put ‘PlayStation 5’ in Honda’s self-driving cars!

The autonomous electric vehicle industry, which Tesla still leads, has now moved into a completely different dimension. Other manufacturers, especially Tesla, are also adding to their vehicles. content for entertainment started adding. So much so that Tesla went one step further and turned its vehicles into game consoles.

Sony and Honda also entered into a partnership in this context under the name “Sony Honda Mobility” in September. While the products of the partnership have not yet been announced, an important statement came today from Izumi Kawanishi, the head of this initiative.

Honda’s autonomous vehicles get PlayStation 5!

Speaking to the Financial Times, Kawanishi said: music, movies and With the PlayStation 5 announced that they plan to develop an electric car. Chairman, these goals “This is our war against Tesla.he described.

Of course, Kawanishi, to get the best efficiency out of this system,autonomousHe emphasized that they knew it had to be. After all, since the vehicle is not autonomous, PlayStation 5 will only be available parked. He said it will take time to develop this system.

When will the first vehicle from Honda and Sony arrive?

Yasuhide Mizuno, chairman of Sony Honda Mobility, said in a statement that the first electric vehicle model will be launched in the US. until 2025 He said they would market it.

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