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Unlike many other companies, BMW wants its customers to change cars less: but why?

Only car manufacturers produce new cars They don’t make money selling. The market for service, spare parts and used vehicles also generates large profits for car companies. Although BMW belongs to these companies, the company has an interesting request from its users.

BMW’s head of sustainability, Monika Dernai, said in a statement. BMW owners instead of replacing their vehicles every few years, he wanted them to use the same car for a longer period of time by maintaining their vehicles.

Sustainability and reducing waste are key


Meeting with members of the press in London Dernaito reduce the automotive industry’s waste, customers’ vehiclesI need to use longer stated that the point had been reached. Darnei said in a statement. “We really need to think about extending vehicle life; maybe buy a car and extend its life instead of a used market where they sell cars to each other. The idea could be to renew the interior of the car.” used his words.

According to Dernai, future vehicles will generally do that modular and interchangeable in the case of transformation into structures that should be. For example, instead of selling the vehicle and buying a new vehicle, there may be alternatives such as updating the vehicle’s seats or dashboard with a newer version.

This kind of approach is 3 series or X3 While it seems that people who own such cars may like it, it seems that the transition to electric vehicles, a newly adopted technology in the coming years, will not lower the demand for second-hand cars.

BMW calls this approach a “circular economy” and envisions products being reused and recycled as much as possible before they become waste. Darnei and BMW argue that this approach won’t hurt the auto industry, but automakers can be pioneers in reducing waste.

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