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Even if we don’t notice it while watching, there is a system that changes the fate of Formula 1 racing: what is DRS?

Formula 1, which has been in our lives since 1950 and has kept the public up and down with several Grand Prix races, is one of the most exciting car races in the world. If you’re someone who follows this race with passion, we’re sure you’ve mastered all the technical terms, but if you’ve been watching a race this year, let’s see what’s going on. You look at the screen while being surprised by saying “What does DRS mean?” You may come across some concepts.

DRS is a technology that makes overtaking, one of our favorite moments in motor racing, easy and fun. The driver, who adheres to certain rules and meets certain conditions, can fly in real terms if he activates the DRS technology in his vehicle, and beats his opponent. What is DRS, when did it come to the race, what are the rules Let’s look at the most frequently asked questions in detail.

Let’s first define this fun technology, what is DRS?

Air resistance reduction system, DRS for short, in Turkish, Drift Reduction System; Opening a moving part on the rear of Formula 1 cars reduction of the frictional force of the vehicle and so it’s a technology that makes it much faster. Formula 1 Racing Director Michael Masi describes the DRS technology as ‘a nice button’.

Formula 1 Dr

Well, what exactly is DRS, what does it do and how does it change the fate of the race?

If you’ve ever seen a Formula 1 race, you must have seen that the vehicles are quite light and their speeds are very high. The basic laws of physics are clear, especially these vehicles to keep them from rolling around the corner handling is designed to be very, very strong. The handling that ensures safety when cornering will reduce the speed of the vehicle on a straight road. Fine, but if you say that this vehicle will accelerate and overtake the opponent and compete for first place, then the answer is DRS technology.

As we’ll better understand when we talk about the rules, DRS technology actually is It is not necessarily a technology to be used or used. There are many different methods that the driver of the vehicle uses to accelerate and pass their opponent. For example, by using the air channel opened by his opponent, he can reduce friction and turn his disadvantage into an advantage by accelerating.

If all conditions are met, the driver presses a button on the steering wheel and activates DRS technology. When this system is active, the moving part behind the vehicle comes into a parallel position with the vehicle and the vehicle can accelerate to 10 or even 20 kilometers per hour. Even this small acceleration can allow the car to overtake its opponent and play for first place.

Formula 1 Dr

So what are the DRS rules, can the driver open this system whenever he wants?

Of course not. The rules in Formula 1 racing are different from the sports competitions we know. The race track can be limited by taking into account various variables such as weather conditions. For example, if it rains during the race, or if it has just rained and the track is still wet, the use of DRS is strictly prohibited for the safety of the drivers.

As you can see examples in the image above, drivers can use this system. There are certain DRS zone zones. When the driver of the vehicle only enters flat areas, DRS can be engaged if permitted. The driver will be penalized for other use.

Another condition for the use of DRS is that the driver of the vehicle will use this technology The difference between the opponent in front of him is less than 1 second. In other words, a driver cannot use the DRS technology until he has overtaken or overtaken the opponent in front of him. At what points and for how long the track will be used is also one of the rules that are determined prior to the race.

Formula 1 Dr

What does DRS mean, does the driver who engages DRS necessarily take the lead?

That’s the beauty of racing, we’ll never know. approaching the vehicle in front of him in less than 1 second. when the driver activates the DRS technology, yes, he accelerates the opponent’s hand in front of him collects no pears. There are numerous tactics used to prevent the trailing opponent from advancing, even if they are speeding up.

DRS is just one of the transition attack methods used by Formula 1 drivers. That’s what the public wants. There is no problem in the defensive and attacking moves of the drivers being aggressive, and making them non-contact is welcomed. However, the referees are quite strict on this point. Drivers who perform attacks that endanger themselves or their opponent will be penalized.

Formula 1 Dr

When did DRS come, which is actually against an F1 rule?

Since Formula 1 is a car race that has been held since 1950, many rules have been added and many rules removed over the years. For example, the vehicles that will participate in the Formula 1 race Moving moving parts is against the rules. However, this rule has been broken for DRS technology, which was first introduced in 2011. This is the only exception.

DRS is not just a technology used in Formula 1 racing. After it was announced that it will be used in F1 races It was used in Formula Renault 3.5 in 2012, Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters in 2013, Super Formula in 2014, FIA Formula 2 in 2015 and FIA Formula 3 in 2017. So DRS is a technology used to make motor racing much more fun.

Formula 1 Dr

What happens when DRS is used, what effect does it have on the race?

Let’s shut up, let the statistics speak; The number of steps in the 2009 Formula 1 race is 211, the number of steps in the 2010 Formula 1 race is 452. In the 2011 Formula 1 race, where the use of DRS began, the number of passes is exactly 821. The number of passes in the 2012 Formula 1 race is 870. The average number of passes in Formula 1 races today is between 600 and 1000.

Let’s face it, the best thing about Formula 1 racing is overtaking. Passing in the pit area means the driver is in a good position and not very excited. Transitions made with tactics are few and still not very exciting. The use of DRS technology, on the other hand, increases the number of these passes and offers the spectators a much more enjoyable race.

Technology that reduces friction in Formula 1 racing and helps to stay ahead of the competition What is DRS, when did it come to the race, what are the rules We have tried to get to know this technology better by answering frequently asked questions such as: You can give your opinion about the technologies used in car racing in the comments.

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