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What happens to us if we drive the car in the wrong gear?

One of the most important things in learning how to drive is understanding how to shift gears correctly and on time. The purpose of this is to make both the driver and the car more comfortable while driving. comfortable travel ensure that.

But getting used to bad habits is one of the easiest things in the world. The longer you live with them, the harder it becomes to stop them. The mistakes we make to feel comfortable driving are among the difficult and harmful habits to stop. One of these errors is that the tool is wrong or at an inopportune time going to use.

This applies to both automatic and manual vehicles.

automatic vs manual

The transmission is one of the most important parts of a vehicle. This component is responsible for converting the combustion power of the car’s engine into the momentum needed to drive the wheels. Unlike manual transmission cars, automatic transmission cars do not have a clutch. However both transmissions have gears. These gears are used to change the speed and power of the vehicle.

The principle of operation of the gearbox lies in the process of gear shifting. Shifting gears by changing the speed of the engine Increases or decreases vehicle speed. For example, the car needs more torque at low speeds, while more speed is needed at higher speeds. Therefore, the gearbox, which has different gear ratios, performs gear changes to meet these needs.

Operating the vehicle in the wrong gear can adversely affect the vehicle’s performance and durability.

car equipment

Of course, this depends on how often the vehicle is driven and shifted into the wrong gear. However, if this happens often or all the time, a large load on the car pull on. For example, imagine you are driving in third gear and you want to shift into second gear but accidentally shift into fifth gear. This small mistake can most likely throw your vehicle off balance.

Let’s imagine the opposite situation: you are on a road where you need to go into fourth or fifth gear, but at high speeds in a low gear you are traveling. In this case, the vehicle’s engine will be overloaded and may overheat. This too shortens the life of the engine and cause engine failure.

In addition to all of these, operating the vehicle in the wrong gear causes a strain on the transmission.

gearbox repair

As a result of this gear box, pressure pad or linkage problems can happen. At the same time, the vehicle operated in a low gear does not always save fuel. Because if the engine is forced to run in high gear, consumes more fuel.

The vehicle has some warning signs that it is being driven in the wrong gear.

The first and most important of these is the turnover is very high. Apart from that, the engine at low revs running is also a sign that the vehicle is in the wrong gear.

Another sign is engine noisier or normal quieter is work. When operated in the wrong gear, the engine is forced to produce more or less power, which can cause a change in noise level.


A vehicle driven in the wrong gear will accelerate more slowly than usual. Moreover shaking in the vehicle it could be. This is especially evident at low speeds.

Many automatic vehicle users think that the vehicle will do everything automatically because the gears are shifted automatically and not driven carefully. What we talk about in this content It also applies to automatic vehicles.

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Source: Web Tekno



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