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Midjourney, ChatGPT and AI limitations

An image of the Pope in a stylish overcoat is circulating the internet, leaving some curious and wondering if the Pope has embraced the new style. Some others are simply surprised by the quality of the image generated by Midjourney’s artificial intelligence.

To access this tool, people need to use Discord, an app that offers communication channels with bots using different codes for different purposes. Midjourney is one such bot that can create images.

To use it, simply create a Discord account, visit the Midjourney website to access the server the bot is running on, and then request the desired image. Artificial intelligence generates an image based on the training received and the description provided.

This case is just one of many cases that arise using artificial intelligence, such as photos of the arrest of Donald Trump, which were also created using the same artificial intelligence.

It is important to note that the impact of AI should be the same as that of the Internet itself, and soon it should change our daily lives. Therefore, it is important to understand the possible consequences of this technological progress.

Wave of artificial intelligence

The wave of artificial intelligence is spreading around the world. AI is trained to replicate human behavior and replace the actions we perform, increasing the accuracy and efficiency of those tasks.

There are several types of AI, some are trained on a large amount of content, such as images and texts, which allows them to more accurately reproduce tasks. Recently, two very powerful AI tools have revolutionized the capabilities of this technology: ChatGPT, which focuses on text, programming, and other amazing features, and Midjourney, which focuses on creating images.

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This wave of artificial intelligence should not be underestimated or compared to other trends that may be fleeting, such as the Metaverse hype. AI will have a profound impact on our daily access to information, search, social media interactions and more.

While it is a powerful and promising technology, AI also poses dangers, such as the ease with which fake images can be created and shared on social media. In addition, there are copyright issues associated with AI-generated images, especially when they are created based on descriptions provided by users.

In short, AI is here to stay and has revolutionary potential. It is important to understand its potential risks and benefits in order to adapt and make the most of this ever-evolving technology.

Job Disappearance and Fake News

As far as AI-generated images are concerned, there are copyright and access issues. After all, who has the legal right to post an image? Another important point is the extinction of jobs in some professions that AI can replace.

ChatGPT, for example, can perform tasks such as customer service, content writing, translation, and proofreading, among others. This substitution occurs mainly in more repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

In addition, AI also presents risks such as spreading false information or fake news. Even if this information is poorly formatted, it can have a significant impact. Therefore, it is important to be critical and verify information before sharing it.

Fake news, often related to politics and candidates, is often poorly done. However, AI-generated images such as those on Midjourney are of impressive quality and can be confusing to many people, even those used to social media.

These false images can do significant damage, especially since many people stand out on social media and only read the headline without checking the accuracy of the information.

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In addition, there is a danger that these images will be used to create false narratives and harm individuals or groups. Even if the original image was created for playful purposes, as in the case of the image of the arrested Trump, someone can share it as real news and have a big impact.

Therefore, it is important to be vigilant and check the accuracy of information before sharing it, especially when it comes to images created by AI.

AI regulation

Regulation plays a key role when it comes to technology, especially with regard to AI and its tools. While he has a lot of potential for good, he also has a lot of potential for evil due to the human element.

Some people may use AI to improve their daily lives, help others, and make things easier. However, others can use it to deceive people, commit crimes, and harm others.

AI can easily change faces, voices, and videophones that can be used to deceive and harm others, including loved ones.

Therefore, it is important that there is regulation to prevent the misuse of AI. Regulation needs to be carefully discussed, taking into account what can and cannot be regulated, and how the technology can be used.

There are many issues that need to be addressed and regulation needs to be done in a thoughtful and well-planned manner.

It is also important to remember that in order to create images like those created by Midjourney, you must use real photographs as a basis. This means that someone had to learn photography techniques, learn and buy equipment to take the original photo, in which case they were not asked if they could use their material as a basis.

Regulation is important to ensure that these processes are carried out ethically and respect the copyrights of the people involved.

There are no clear answers about the impact of AI on humanity, but it is important to be aware of these developments and take steps to prevent the spread of false information. This is a time to learn, discuss and form opinions together to find out what is best for everyone.

What do you think of all this? It is important to have an open and ongoing discussion about the impact of AI on our lives and how we can ethically and responsibly regulate its use.

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