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Journalists learned about the amount of memory of Apple Vision Pro: the headset will surpass the iPhone

It is clear that a device such as a mixed reality headset needs more memory than a regular smartphone. The most expensive iPhone 14 model today offers 1 terabyte of storage, while the latest rumors suggest that the upcoming iPhone 15 may be equipped with 2 terabytes of storage. So what can be expected from Vision Pro?

How much memory will the Vision Pro have?

As the author of the iPhoneSoft Medhi Naitmazi article states, he was able to view the amount of memory in the “Settings” application running on the headset’s visionOS operating system. The version had 1 terabyte of storage, so such an assembly should be expected, at least on sale. However, it is not clear whether the company will offer different variants of the device with different features.

If the rumors are true and we will indeed see a 2 terabyte iPhone this year, then nothing will prevent the manufacturer from equipping the headset with such a volume at a slightly higher price. Apple is positioning the Vision Pro as a standalone computer, and the use of its own powerful M2 processor, also seen in the iPad Pro and Mac series, means it’ll have plenty of processing power. The headset will be able to place virtual elements above the real world, as well as provide full-fledged virtual reality without showing the external background. That is why the company stores a large number of panoramic images, videos, backgrounds, applications, etc. in the device’s memory. must store.

The product is still in development and probably wasn’t even the final version, let alone the only version we were shown at the presentation. There were rumors of another version, the basic version, that would come with simpler features. The name with the “Pro” particle speaks in favor of this theory: if there is a Pro version then it should be a basic version. It can be designed for more modest tasks that won’t require such a large amount of memory. For this reason these devices can take up to 512 or even 256 gigabytes of storage. Less is unlikely, because even smartphones today have already exceeded this minimum limit.

Apple Vision Pro It will go on sale in the US in early 2024 for $3,500said Apple, and it will hit the international market later that year.

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