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The startup offers airless bike tires; The same tires found on NASA’s Mars rovers

How does it work

Each Metl tire is based on a long spring made of nickel and titanium. This alloy is called Nitinol and it has very interesting properties. Both metals are mixed in almost equal proportions, heated to a red glow, and in this state they can bend and remember their shape down to the last atom.

The final product cooled to room temperature is elastic and pliable. It may be deformed in the future, but it will quickly return to its original shape. This feature allows the Metl tire to slightly compress and rebound, providing a smooth ride similar to a pneumatic tire.

The spring is covered with polyrubber material, which forms transparent rubber sidewalls and a replaceable guard. According to the company, this setup contains half the rubber of a regular tire. Although the tread will need to be replaced every 8-13 thousand kilometers, the main tire will definitely last the entire life of the bike.

Metl tire can be mounted on regular rims / Smart Tire photo

For the commercial application of the technology, Smart Tire offers road or gravel tires in three different sizes and weights. For example, it weighs an average of 450 grams, which does not go beyond the range of pneumatic analogues.

It is reported that the first version of the tire will have a constant hardness. Semi-pneumatic tires will also be available in the future, allowing them to be inflated for greater rigidity.


  • If the Metl tires currently on Kickstarter go into production, the cost of a set of two tires will increase $ 500.
  • Covering fee will be $10.
  • Complete wheel sets with metl-coated aluminum or carbon fiber rims are also available. The cost of such sets is $ 1,300 and $ 2,300, respectively.

Source: 24 Tv



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