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More than half of the base stations of mobile operators are not working

Recent large-scale missile attacks on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure have led to this situation. They left the public communication network without electricity.

where the situation is worst

  • Just over 9 percent of base stations operate in the Mykolaiv region,
  • in Kirovohradska – 13.7%,
  • in Poltava – 15,
  • in Odessa – 15.2,
  • in Kharkivska – 16.4%.

This list does not include the Kherson region, which is in recovery, and the temporarily occupied territories.

As of 09:00 on November 24, approximately 44 percent of the base stations of mobile operators are operating in Ukraine, the total number of base stations that existed before the full-scale invasion.
– said Volodymyr Kondrashov.

The mobile network is the best in Sumy, where 89.6% of the stations operate. In Chernivtsi – 76%, Zakarpattia – 73%, Lviv – 72%, Cherkasy – 69 percent.

Source: 24 Tv



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