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It’s not all OLED for LG: These are the new QNED smart TVs coming in 2023 No comment

Last January 2023, LG advanced at CES what will be its next product line. smart tvs Some teams led this season OLED modelsWith the interesting news of the arrival of EVO panels with META technology.

Now the manufacturer has announced the arrival of the smart TV series in Spain. LCD panels under the QNED brand and to complement last year’s models such as the QNED99, QNED90 and QNED85.

This season’s new promises of QNED96, QNED81, QNED82, QNED86 and QNED75 more brightness, better efficiencya new, slimmer and more attractive design as well as an improved contrast.

New design and improved miniLED panels

Ydray LG Qned 5

New LG QNED televisions for 2023, according to the manufacturer, “ultra-thin” designIt’s a feature we’ll see in the entire series, but especially updated in the QNED86, QNED 82 and QNED81 models.

In these last two, a central flat sole Rectangular in 55, 65 and 75 inch versions that can be placed in two heights to adapt to different situations. Thus, if the user decides to install a soundbar, the television can be raised, while if we do not want to install it, we can lower the screen so that it is as close to its base as possible.

On models such as QNED81 and QNED82 The thickness of the panel is also reducedIt increases from 4.5 cm to 2.9 cm, which is a 33% decrease compared to previous years.

Ydray LG Qned 1

According to LG, the three main pillars of these new TVs with QNED panels are, Quantum Dots, Nanocell Plus and up to 30,000 MiniLEDs on a screen approximately 40 times smaller than conventional LEDs.

This allows a higher level of gloss to be applied and at the same time to be more controlled. FALD technology with 1 million light levels It’s different thanks to a 20-bit controller compared to 16,384 levels per region with a 14-bit controller in previous years.

It is also equipped with the new smart processor. LG a7 Gen5 With Deep Learning system which allows you to implement functions such as AI Picture Pro To analyze and adjust each frame using Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro.

Sound improvements and revamped operating system

Ydray LG Qned

Another innovation of this new QNED 2023 series is in the audio section, which, according to LG, includes the function. wow players to connect wirelessly to a sound bar.

They are also compatible with this year DTS:X IMAX Enhanced Audio and allows you to combine several audio devices, thanks to the function WOW Orchestrawhich, according to the brand, uses all audio channels available on the TV and soundbar to create a “more powerful and immersive” final sound.

Connection with ecosystem is maintained LG ThinQ And this year, they say, compliance has been improved with the Matter standard, the new global protocol for the connected home.

Ydray LG Qned 2

Also this season webOS23 operating systemIt is more customizable and allows users to navigate more easily and more intuitively, thanks to Quick Cards that group the most used content into different categories and allow you to access them faster.

Finally, 2023 QNED models will be featured for fans of TV playing AMD FreeSync PremiumResolution Dolby Vision HDR system 4K and 120Hz, HDMI 2.1 connection, Game Optimizer function that allows users to quickly select different presets for different game types or configure other game parameters. They also offer HDMI-VRR support with HGiG.

Price and availability

The QNED99, QNED96, QNED81 and QNED82 series are already appearing in the official LG Spain store, but the full range, which includes models like the QNED86 and QNED75, will not arrive until now. July and August respectively.

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