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Detailed Google TV’s basic mode is already available in Sony Smart TVs, so you can enable it to have a “dumb TV”.

It is noteworthy that in the midst of the era of smart televisions, Google, which is leading the operating system for Smart TVs, came out and wanted us to have a stupid TV that will last a lifetime. Something we’re already talking about in 2021 and that’s it It can be applied to models currently on the market.

It is also the strong attention that is found in televisions from third-party manufacturers, for example, Sony. not available for chromecastdevice that serves to present the operating system. So let’s see what it consists of and how to use it.

Stupid TV as usual

google tv

What does the “Basic” mode, which is called, do? Make any TV “smarter” with Google TV in a “dumb box” that occupied our living room for years.

Ideal for those who are concerned about privacy or do not have access to the internet and besides, if you don’t want to complicate your life with your TV, the basic mode turns a Smart TV into a “dumb” one.

This will be possible as it kills some features of the Google TV platform. So when using you lose access to content recommendations, the ability to use the Google assistant, or the use of streaming apps. Therefore, it is ideal for those who do not have an Internet connection or want to use something simpler, for example.

Basic mode simplifies everything and allows watch traditional TV and select inputs (like HDMI) For example, turning on the console and being able to see it easily on that TV.

And on Sony TVs where “Basic” mode is already available, can be enabled at installation time. In my case, I gave up using it directly and chose to use “normal mode” with access to all functions.

The first step just before starting the configuration is that the TV asks which of the two modes we want to use. If we use basic mode, we will just have to adjust the channelsIt’s something the TV does automatically.

For example, if we decide to bet on the entire operating system, we must choose between them. manually configure the TV using the Google Home app from a phone and already configure networks, profiles, applications and more.

It is possible to switch from basic mode to Google TV. Look at the home screen and search for the Google TV banner, then select “.Set up Google TV” and continue Onscreen instructions to set up Google TV using the Home app or remote.

On the contrary, if you have configured the TV with Google TV, you will not be able to switch to basic television mode and do this. there will be no choice but to restore the factory state of the device.

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