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LG has finally fixed one of the most annoying bugs in its OLED Smart TVs: it’s the new firmware and this is how you can fix it on your own No Comments


Some time ago in this article, although the content we play on our OLED television is perfectly organized and calibrated, sometimes the tv dims to the point where you can barely distinguish the images.

It is a well-known issue to experts and users and we can’t solve for more contrast, brightness or OLED light levels, which we change in the configuration menu.

However, it seems this 2023 LG finally got to work and as calibration expert Vincent Teoh comments on his YouTube channel, the issue seems to be resolved as follows: a firmware update some televisions

What was the problem that blacked out the screen?

Some scenes are blacked out on OLED TVs. very slow scenes Where there is little change in image for a few minutes at a time, such as documentaries, talk shows, debates, or just video games with a variety of content fixed pointers on the screen.

This is because the panel’s automatic protection mechanism works as follows: When the OLED TV detects a still image on the screen, it starts the timer and after a certain time Gradually darken the image by lowering the OLED light. In this way, marking on the board is prevented.

This general darkening “ASBL” or Automatic Static Brightness Limiter and it mainly works with two algorithms, “TPC” or Temporary Peak Brightness Control And “GSR” or Global Adhesive Reduction. The first dims the OLED light when it detects static images whether they are bright or not, and the second dims when there is a very bright static logo on the screen.

They start working after a minute and a half, but they have a small problem: the algorithms are not perfect and define a non-static image as a static image. This is because they work not by determining motion on the screen, but by considering what is called motion. “APL” or Average Picture Level changescan confuse the system and this can cause unwanted brightness drops.

A new firmware that fixes the problem

The only option for LG televisions if we want to avoid these annoying solutions until now enter the service menu and disable these parameters, as we saw in his time. However, doing this meant: we lose the warranty of the panel because in theory it is not an option that users should manipulate.

This is something that, as he himself said, will apparently change this year. vincent teoh The video you have along these lines shows how after updating the 2023 LG OLED C3 and G3 televisions with the number. firmware 3.10.19The most modern to date, scenes that are almost static or have little change in brightness do not dim.

If we stop the image completely Yes, dimming happens to protect the OLED panel from possible burn-in, but not in typical situations with quiet scenes with a lot of dialogue or even channels with logos and static panels.

The advantage of this LG solution is, you no longer need to enter any menu Hide or tap anything in the configuration as the TV will do it itself. However, there is still one thing that is not clear, and that is whether this change will change in the software of the televisions. It will reach more models beyond the new models launched in 2023Something that needs to be confirmed but will certainly be welcomed by many users.

How to manually disable the option on an LG OLED TV

If, as we mentioned a few paragraphs ago, you’re considering reading on to learn how to remove this protection system that darkens images on TVs without new firmware. by handin case of a problem You will not be covered by the brand warranty..

If we have an LG OLED TV from 2019, this “ASBL” option can be disabled as long as we have access to the advanced configuration menu. Universal remote control with IN-START button. We can buy it from online stores like Amazon for about 14 Euros.

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Press IN-START with the universal remote, it will ask for a PIN code, we enter values ​​0413 and we are already inside the technical menu of the TV. Now we go to point 11 or 12 where the TV says “OLED” and look for the “Enable TPC” option, which we must leave OFF to turn off the protection.

If we want to disable the GSR system, we can do it a little lower by turning this option OFF. there is after that Press “Back” and turn off the TV Be careful not to press the IN-STOP button.

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