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Killer whales make a coordinated attack on the boat; watch the video

Killer whales are extremely intelligent marine mammals. In addition, animals are able to teach each other different types of behavior in order to adapt to the place where they live. Apparently, one of these learned behaviors is the constant attack of boats, which is becoming more and more frequent. Two tourists recorded the moment a group of killer whales attacked their boat off the coast of Morocco in early May.

The video was recorded on May 2 and published by the Telegraph newspaper. Contrary to what most people think, killer whales are dangerous predators and prey on both great white sharks and seals. The animal is also not a species of whale, but is a close “relative” of dolphins and has deadly teeth. You Coordinated attacks are carried out strategically and they can even make the boat sink. Fortunately, tourists in Morocco were not affected, as you can see in the video below.

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Behavior of killer whales is being studied

Leading researchers, after the recent increase in attacks on boats, argue that animal behavior is learning. Since they live in groups and are very sociable, mammals can teach each other different ways to survive. According to researchers, this phenomenon may be related to a killer whale named Gladys, who is responsible for the attack in the video above.

According to them, Gladys must have experienced some kind of traumatic experience, such as being caught in fishing nets or colliding with a boat. In order to survive, she adopted aggressive behavior, which she taught others. Research shows that killer whales are able to quickly learn new behaviors in order to survive. Although killer whales are depicted as beautiful animals in films and theme parks (and they really are), marine mammals are also among the top predators in the oceansand should always be considered dangerous in their natural environment.

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