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Is time travel possible? What does science say about this?

The concept of time travel in popular culture often involves characters using elaborate devices or gadgets to travel to the past or future. The consequences of changing the past or learning from the future form the basis of many of the fascinating narratives he tells. 24 Channels.

However, no one has yet proven the ability to travel back and forth in time, and no one has proposed a viable method that would not have disastrous consequences for the traveler. Famed physicist Stephen Hawking even pointed to the absence of time-traveling tourists from the future as evidence against the possibility of such travels.

What does science say?

Special theory of relativity

Some scientific theories support this idea. timeline. The special theory of relativity, formulated by Albert Einstein in 1905, explains the relationship between space and time for objects moving in a straight line with constant velocity. According to this theory, time is not an absolute concept, but relative to the observer.

Time passes more slowly for a person moving at high speed than for a person standing still. This phenomenon is observed, albeit on a small scale, in astronauts spending time aboard the International Space Station.

Gravity affects objects and time / Explainer photo

Also, general relativity, an extension of Einstein’s special theory of relativity, provides insight into the effect of gravity on time. Clocks closer to large gravitational objects run slower than those farther away. This phenomenon is of practical importance for Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites orbiting the Earth.

A combination of time dilation due to high velocities and gravitational effects causes a small time difference between the clocks on these satellites and those on the Earth’s surface. To maintain the accuracy of GPS technology, engineers need to account for these differences over time; this highlights the importance of taking into account the effects of time travel, even at small scales.


Another theoretical concept often associated with time travel is the molehill idea.


these are hypothetical topological properties of space-time that are “tunnelled” in space at every instant of time.

Although molehills often form the basis of science fiction, their existence remains purely speculative. Despite recent research suggesting that primitive molehills may be stable enough for potential travel, no real objects have yet been discovered (but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist in nature).

Schematic image of a molehill / Explanatory photo

Other scientific theories in favor of time travel

Various alternative theories have been proposed to overcome the limitations imposed by Einstein’s theories. Astronomer Frank Tipler suggested Types roller concept, a dense, infinitely long cylinder capable of traveling backwards in time. However, the practical application of such a cylinder requires unknown materials or impossible dimensions.

Theoretical physicist Amos Ory proposed a model of a time machine made of warped space-time that resembles a donut shape. This concept is based on our ability to manipulate gravitational fields that are currently beyond our capabilities.

When will the dream come true?

Time travel remains a prominent theme in science fiction, allowing writers and filmmakers to explore the possibilities and paradoxes of changing the past or visiting the future. Each work of art creates its own version of space-time, often overcoming scientific barriers in favor of narrative. From the fantastical concepts in Interstellar to the bizarre revelations in Doctor Who, time travel remains a fascinating subject that sparks our imaginations.

While the time travel depicted in popular culture is elusive, scientific research on time and its manipulation continues. Who knows what possibilities will arise as our understanding of the universe deepens?

Maybe one day the realms of fiction and reality will merge and the concept of time travel will take on a whole new meaning. Until then, we can continue to explore the wonders of time travel in the rich fabric of sci-fi.

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