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What would happen if village institutions that educate intelligent people still exist today?

According to Atatürk, the people can only experience revolutions with the Republic. It was possible by protecting the Republic and these revolutions. This could only be achieved if the people were educated, aware and voluntary.

This is exactly why Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, He had rolled up his sleeves to make the people, most of whom lived in villages, better educated and more aware. For the people living in poverty, this educational problem could be provided with a unique educational model. He also did what was necessary.

An education system was developed by the Swiss politician Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi, which is a fundamental right for everyone, based on love and the student, and aimed at educating orphans and poor children.

İsmail Hakkı Tonguç and students.

Atatürk sent the educator İsmail Hakkı Tonguç to Switzerland to study this system of Pestalozzi. Tonguç stayed in Switzerland for 6 months and studied education at the school. When you return to the country He was taken to the General Directorate of Primary Education on Atatürk’s orders. (August 3, 1935) Tonguç formed a team to solve this educational problem in village schools and started the necessary studies.

As his first job, he opened an instructor course in Mahmudiye in July 1936. The talented village children who served their military service as sergeants and corporals were selected and taken to this course, and when the course was over, they were sent to their villages in a well-trained manner.

On June 11, 1937, the Village Educators Law No. 3238 came into force and trainers’ schools were established. Village children were now being educated.

village institute

Founded on November 11, 1938, II. by the government of Celal Bayar. Hasan Ali Yücel, an experienced teacher, about the illness of the Minister of National Education Saffet Arıkan.submitted to the Ministry of Education. Yücel and Tonguç, while Atatürk addressed the teachers in Istanbul on July 7, 1927:

Teachers, taking every opportunity, should run to the people, be with the people and explain to the people that the teacher is not just a being who makes the child read the alphabet.Education project based on the understanding of education he said “Village Institute Project” they developed. The bill passed on April 17, 1940 with the votes of 278 delegates and became law.

The Republican People’s Party won the first multi-party elections held on July 21, 1946, but rumors spread that would make İnönü nervous about the election result, and the first blow came to the village institutions.

lesson in nature

On the proposal of President İnönü, Kazım Karabekir, who opposed the village institutions, was elected chairman of the assembly. Founding Minister of Village Institutions in the Established Government Resat Şemsettin Sirer, who opposed the institutions instead of Hasan Ali Yücel, The Minister of Education was created. The institutes are in the hands of Sirer, who is fundamentally opposed to these schools; more precisely, the lamb was delivered to the wolf.

In later times With the closure of the Hasanoğlan High Village Institute on November 27, 1947 Village institutions are intellectually closed, if not factually. Actually, we start the movie here to show the most important parts a bit more clearly.

viewed in institutions By putting an end to practical education, education is standardized, schools become flat secondary schools and institutions disappear one by one over time.


Just as communist ideas are instilled and non-religious education is given to children in Village Institutes. unfounded rumours had been laid down. Sirer, the then minister of education, said that closing the institutes was a blessing bestowed on him, and he also complained that the education provided in these institutions confused the minds of the children.

It entered our lives as a lighting project in its short life. village institutionsThe aim was to raise free and strong-willed citizens who are aware of their rights and responsibilities, who are beneficial to the country and who can bring their own interests and the interests of the country together on a common basis. In this context, education, the golden key to reaching a modern level of civilization, also had to be implemented with these institutional models.

“To learn by practise” In addition to the educational model that has adopted the principle of education, both scientific and theoretical education, which we are currently looking at with envy. It was very similar to Finland’s educational model.

What could have happened in our country if education and training had continued as planned?

girl education

Looking at the starting point, we see that it is a very impressive and important initiative. In the first place a conscious society This educational model was the basis of education. People living in villages would be aware of their rights and duties.

Maybe we’ll talk today No topic, whether religious or ethnic, would be discussed today. If the institutions had continued today, this political turmoil we find ourselves in would not exist.

The people of our country would not be marginalized as the other, the other, religious, non-religious, right or left. People who grew up with humanistic feelings are said to be more respectful and loving towards themselves and their country. landownership and the sovereignty of the sect sheikhs would be lost.. People could vote with their free and conscious will, without any influence.

Türkiye will develop faster; all people could belong to the Republic.

education at the institute

People who live in the countryside and are deprived of many things even today, especially the sheikhs of the folk sect; “The Republic took care of us and gave us our freedom,” he could have protected the Republic and its revolutions. He would make rapid progress towards the level of modern civilization that Atatürk had set out to achieve.

The beginnings of the education collapse we are in today began in the 1950s. The implementation of Kemalist modern educational principles in village institutions and the very fruitful results alarmed those who opposed the revolutions from the beginning, but feared Atatürk and İnönü. In the words of Adnan Menderes:Village institutions create an image of a smarter citizen than the ruling class. This is not acceptable.

If we could continue the revolutions and village institutions initiated by Atatürk, we could be a leading country in science, technology and democracy today.

practical training

We could be a society today prominent in agriculture as everything starts with education. The Netherlands, which has an area similar to our province of Konya, Do you think the biggest part in being the most developed agricultural country today is just because it has fertile soils? No, their ability to use agriculture and technology quite logically and intelligently.

Moreover, in our past when we were a state with an agrarian society, not being able to properly use and evaluate the land has blocked the way to a good export and economy. If Village Institutes were today, they are now about agriculture. We could be a world-speaking country, we could live in economic prosperity.

Unfortunately, Turkey’s greatest civilization project was blocked by negligence. If the Republic of Turkey could realize the revolutions envisioned today, it would be socially, economically, politically and socially at a very civilized level. However, we have left the village institutions at the mercy of imperialism, ignorance and voting concerns.

If we had resisted, we could have had many intellectuals and scientists by now. Revolution cars can also be owned by our aircraft factory in Kayseri. and today we could talk about nice things instead of so many useless things. But if we could own it…

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Source: Web Tekno



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