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Settlements of the Wari culture, which predated the Inca empire, are being excavated in Peru

A collection of finds

Archaeologists believe that the archaeological site of the Wari period dates back to B.C. He says it dates back to between 800 and 1000. It was found in the Cajamarca region, 900 kilometers north of Lima. Japanese archaeologist Shinya Watanabe says that there are two burial chambers in the area with pits for placing mummies and offerings to ancestors.

Each of the burial chambers consists of two levels, and each has five niches in the walls containing offerings such as mollusc shells, pottery shards, and a tripod plate with three conical supports.

A dish found during excavations / Photo: Peruvian Ministry of Culture

This is a great discovery because archaeologists were looking for evidence of the Wari culture.
– He convinced Watanabe, a professor at Nansan University in Japan.

A scroll with a female pattern, a black ceremonial vessel, two ceramic wind instruments and two copper buckles were also found.

Findings on the Wari culture / Photo Peruvian Ministry of Culture/AFP/PIATB

Many people of different origins lived in this place, which covered an area of ​​approximately 24 hectares. It was a ceremonial center dedicated to the ancestor cult. The findings allow us to understand the “lifestyle and ritual practices” of the ancient societies living in this region.

The Wari culture existed in what is now Peru between the 7th and 13th centuries, but by 1100 AD these people were conquered by the growing Inca Empire.

The Peruvian Ministry of Culture noted that the main aim of the study was to understand the socio-political culture of the Cajamarca region during the Middle Horizon period. There are now many tours here showing people both the excavations and the things found.

Excavations / Photography Peruvian Ministry of Culture/AFP/PIATB

Source: 24 Tv


Elesky and hate on the internet

I think it's appropriate to start this news by...

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