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The 2023 Nobel Prize in Chemistry has found its winner: their inventions have ended up in all our homes!

Nobel Committee since the beginning of this week Nobel Prize divides. In this context, Nobel Prize in Medicine of Nobel Prize in Physics We recently identified the winning names for the . Today too Nobel Prize in Chemistry The winners have been announced. Scientists who won the prize; They were Moungi Bawendi, Louis Brus and Alexei Ekimov. So what work were these scientists deemed worthy of the prize?

There are actually three scientists in our lives. related to nanotechnology They did studies. These scientists had conducted a series of studies on ‘quantum dot’ technology. In this context; Alexei Ekimov, quantum dot technology Have laid the foundation was the first name. A few years later, Louis Brus succeeded in discovering the quantum effect floating freely in liquid. Moungi Bawendi is made through chemical methods. excellent quality succeeded in producing quantum particles. All this opened the door to the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

Quantum dot technology is bringing life to televisions and monitors from many brands today!

Nobel Prize in Chemistry

The term quantum dot itself may not mean anything. However, this technology is in our lives for years. Today, many electronic device manufacturers use quantum dot technology in their products such as monitors and televisions. For example, Samsung’s QLED televisions have quantum dot technology. Also MSI, Arçelik and LG Leading names in the industry are also benefiting from this technology.

So what exactly is quantum dot technology? What difference does it make on screens?

quantum dot televisions

Quantum dot technology can be considered an advanced version of LED technology. nano dimensional crystals Thanks to the technology in the display panels, ultra-high brightness levels can be achieved. In this way, the vibrancy and realism of colors are brought to the highest level. Moreover, it is supported on televisions and monitors where quantum dot technology is preferred. number of colours it should be more. This offers consumers a more immersive experience than LED panel displays.

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