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Like being beaten at night: why are our eyes bloodshot when we wake up in the morning?

With direct consequences for our daily lives in our eye health You have to take into account the changes that occur.

Why do our eyes shine in the morning? bloodshot We’ll get up soon and when should we go to the doctor?

Poor quality sleep is one of the main factors that can cause red eyes.

redness of the eye

Sleep is undoubtedly crucial for resting our bodies and eyes. insufficient sleepIt prevents the eyes from resting and ensures that not enough oxygen reaches the eyes. This creates an environment where the eyes become bloodshot and red. Sleep apnea is one of the problems that causes red eyes.

Your eyes may not close completely.

red eye

eyelid during sleep weak musclesThe eyes may not close completely due to medical conditions, biological and anatomical abnormalities. This happens as the air enters through the opening. dry eyes why is this happening.

Your eyes may become tired from exposure to the screen.

Prolonged exposure to computer, phone and tablet screens, which are an indispensable part of modern life, causes eye strain. that come out of the screens blue light, It can strain the eye muscles and cause the eyes to become dry and red.

Especially late at night screen timeStrenuous movements, such as looking very closely at small prints, can prevent your eyes from getting enough rest and cause redness in your eyes when you wake up in the morning.

Allergic reactions are another common cause of red eyes.

Why do our eyes turn red in the morning?

Especially during seasonal transitions pollen, dust, smoke Allergens such as irritation and bloodshot eyes can cause. Dirt and germs also come off your hands if you accidentally touch your eyes. eye infection and can cause redness.

Moreover, dry air air conditioning, wind It is also helpful to consider environmental factors such as

Eye health is closely linked to our general health.

Insufficient water consumption, It causes the body to dehydrate and the eyes to dry out. In addition, vitamin and mineral deficiencies can also cause redness in the eyes. Special vitamin A deficiency, It can cause dry eyes and therefore redness in the eyes.

There may be other health problems behind the redness of the eyes.

Conjunctivitis (eye inflammation), glaucoma (eye pressure), Conditions such as uveitis (inflammation in the eye) can cause redness in the eyes. Prolonged stress and fatigue are also among the factors that can negatively affect eye health and cause redness.

You may have drunk too much alcohol.

After drinking alcohol, your body, including in and around your eyes, may blood vessels relax and expands. If you overdose, your eyes may become red because the blood vessels in the white part expand.

If any of these are the reasons you wake up with red eyes in the morning, you have nothing to fear. However, if the condition often persists and your eye is infected to the doctor before it’s too late It’s good that you’re going.

Sources: AAO, Total Vision, Kentucky Eye Institute

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