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What happens if I change plans to HP Instant Ink?

You've been using HP Instant Ink for a while,...

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based on burpee, Boasting yachts, mansions and very expensive sports cars, as well as his scathing attacks on mileuristas and “navels”, Amadeo Llados has managed to associate his name with two concepts: fame and controversy. Now both are expanding. And it’s not exactly thanks to him. On Sunday, another social media celebrity, Desokupa company founder Dani Esteve, posted a video in which he lashed out at Llados and asserted his intention to file “criminal charges” against her. ram The person he calls a “hustler” from Madrid.

The law firm handling the case claims to have seen a “very clear” case of a “pyramid scam” and “hate crime”. More than a thousand people affected by the “scam” promoted by Llados will participate, the complaint assures.

“My mission: to chase you”. complaint against him influencer from Madrid It was advanced by Desokupa leader Dani Esteve on Sunday. Through a powerfully toned video, just over 11 minutes long, Esteve claimed to know of cases of people ruined after falling into Llados’ “nets”; these included a young man who attempted to isolate himself after finding himself isolated and without resources. taking his own life twice. Esteve assures her that stories like these made her decide to take him to the museum. ram To the court.

After accusing Llados of “destroying families” and “selling motorcycles,” Esteve said, “My job will be to pursue you legally and try to shut down the beach bar.” “We have set up a team to carry out expert examinations, we will prepare reports and we will file criminal complaints for many crimes, including the ongoing alleged fraud, crime of contempt, crime of hatred and many more.”


From words to “macro complaint”. Days later, it was Galician lawyer Xaime da Pena who announced that Llados would be sued for “pyramid fraud”. In addition to insisting they saw “very clear” signs of crime, supporters also left behind a surprising fact: This would not be an isolated complaint, but rather a “macro complaint” involving more than 1,000 affected people.

The lawyer went further and overlooked the lawyer’s “tone of speech.” influencer Accusations against overweight and millerists may constitute “hate crimes.” Yesterday afternoon, A B C He assured that the case has already been filed in the National Court and that more than 1,000 alleged victims who have enrolled in Llados’ online courses have participated in the process.

But… What are they accusing him of? Both Esteve and Da Pena insist on two concepts: “pyramid scam” and “hate crime.” The first will be about the background; the second with shapes. Llados often mentions “abdomens” and “mileuristas” in his videos; According to Da Pena, these messages could constitute a crime. “We have to take into consideration this way of talking about fat people, mileuristas, and at the same time we see a very clear and obvious hate crime.”

The “pyramid scam” accusation will focus on another activity of the organization influencerwhich bases much of its popularity on presenting itself as a network self made man Willing to share the keys to your success. For those who want to follow his example, he offers a range of products, such as affiliate packages ranging from 50 euros per month to 1,000 euros in a single payment. The plaintiffs’ focus is on the partnership system.

Key: alleged “pyramid scam”. The Galician said: “We had to investigate this a lot, but when it started recruiting members it became clear that it was a pyramid scheme. If it was just the sale of courses it would be much more complicated to prove.” lawyer. The key specified by the newspaper A B CThe coach’s students will be offered financial rewards of approximately 30% for each new registration and customer they attract, thanks to their activities in the networks.

“He tells you that you will earn 2,000 euros in the first month, and he cannot guarantee this,” the Galician lawyer said in an interview with Antena3. The pyramid thing begins: It promises progress with very high returns and, above all, there are some very important participants who are recruiting and must continue to recruit. “From our perspective, that’s where the pyramid scheme starts.”

Who is behind the case? This isn’t the first time Esteve and Da Pena have been featured in the media. The Galician lawyer had months ago acted as the regional spokesperson for Platform 6F, which supports agricultural protests, and his name was associated with a large tarp against the Head of Government on the Desokupa platform in Madrid in February.

Esteve is also the founder of Desokupa, a company that bills itself as “specializing in the recovery of properties” through mediation. If he decided to file a complaint against Llados, he assures that it was because of the cases where the coach who came to him “destroyed people.” “Weave a spider web for defenseless people.”

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What happens if I change plans to HP Instant Ink?

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Oracle Autonomous Database is generally available on Azure

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