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Why do plants bloom at different times if they can bloom and fade at the same time? (You’ll agree with them when you hear the reason!)

Snowdrops bloom in wintergeraniums and many other countless flowers that color our garden in summer fascinate us with their delicate and beautiful appearance.

In the colorful world of flowers that fascinate us with their beauty, this Why and how does the timing happen? what do you think? The balance behind the flowering plants in certain seasons proves to us the flawless functioning of nature.

“Why do plants bloom at different times?” The simplest answer to the question is that it is a survival strategy!

lily of the valley flower in the snow

Different types of flowers in the colorful flower world different life cycles has.

Flowers according to these life cycles annuals (summer annuals and winter annuals), biennials and perennials It is divided into four.

Let’s not go into details and confuse you. In fact, this is a distinction made based on the length of their life, and to put it simply: flowers while making the investment necessary to thrive in the first half of their life cycle. They bloom in the last half of this cycle.

The main reason why plants have different flowering times is that they flower at the same time and do not use the same resources. This is because they bloom at different times and use different resources.

For example, the competition of plants for essential resources such as water, nutrients and pollinators can reduce the chances of survival and reproduction. Therefore, they bloom at different times, ensuring the most efficient use of these resources.

Temperature and light are also very effective factors in flowering at different times!

summer flowers

caused by seasonal changes different temperatures and changes in the speed of light It also triggers chemical production in the leaves of plants, which makes flowering possible.

Because plants, day length and darkness duration It responds to environmental changes such as

For example marigold short day plants, They bloom when the night length is longer than the day length.

Just the opposite long day of planting It blooms when the day length is longer than the night length.

In addition changes in light quality, It is detected by the phytochrome pigment found in plant leaves. This pigment causes the release of the florigen hormone, which forms flower buds in the plant.

In summary, the process of adapting plants to their environment occurs as a result of life cycles and the adaptation of plants to certain seasons.

This perfect effect, which makes flowers bloom in different seasons, increasing chances of survival and reproduction It maintains the balance of the ecosystem.

Thanks to this cycle, we can encounter different beauties in every season. the wonderful side of nature it reveals.

Source: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

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