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LG launches first 15,000 BTU air conditioner in the Brazilian market

OUR LG announced the launch of Brazil’s first 15,000 BTU air conditioner, which will be an intermediate model in the company’s product range. The device has several energy saving functions and the Smart Line function. Double inverted voiceallowing voice command by app LG ThinQ.

06/14/2022 at 09:54

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The company’s new product offers a solution for those who don’t want to buy a 12,000 or 18,000 BTU model. Inside the device has DOUBLE inverter compressor, which, according to the manufacturer, reduce vibration and have greater stability. Thanks to this, the model estimated to save 70% on cooling consumptionusing a total of 1565 kWh in 8 hours.

In addition to saving consumption, this company’s compressor also provides improved performance, up to Cooling rate 40% faster. O LG DUAL Inverter VOICE 15 000 Cold can work in 6 different positions, the Jet Dry function to keep the environment fresh and low humidity, the function of self-cleaning from mold and bacteria, as well as special functions during sleep.

Credits: LG Disclosure

One of the big advantages of the line of air conditioners LG is ease of use, mainly due to LG ThinQ, which allows you to control various devices from the manufacturer through your smartphone. The application also allows the user to use voice commands through Google Assistant or Amazon Alexato manage your device.

For use in bedrooms, the manufacturer claims that its device is “super quiet”, with the device’s high-precision ventilation system reachingo reduce noise to 19 decibels. The model also has surge withstand electronic boardensuring greater safety and durability of the air conditioner.

Credits: LG Disclosure

06/27/2022 at 16:00

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The acquisition of AppleMango is part of the company’s plans to enter this market.

Continuation after commercial

New LG DUAL Inverter VOICE 15 000 Cold is a model that requires more power than 12,000 BTUs but less than 18,000 BTUs, the manufacturer provides consumers with a platform where they can find the perfect device for their room at this link. The new 15,000 BTU model is available from the manufacturer’s official store and several other retailers for R$ 3,299.


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Source: LG

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