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For those who say, ‘I can’t remember a single movie I’ve seen, no book I’ve read’: why do we forget while others remember?

Forgetting a movie or TV show or book read is probably a situation that many people experience. I also experience this situation all the time and always ask myself: “Come on, you’ve forgotten what you don’t like, how can you forget what you’ve loved watching and reading?”

If you also experience similar situations, you can blame yourself and say ‘Is my memory bad? Has the part of my brain that deals with memory just stopped working?’ Don’t ask. Because the problem is most likely not that your memory is ‘damaged’.

First let’s see why not everyone experiences this situation…


Just as there are people who forget all kinds of content they consume, there are also people who remember it down to the smallest detail. This is because, according to neuroscientist David J. Linden of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Everyone’s memory skills are different.

Linden says that while some people are much better at remembering the text they see on a page or the faces they see on the screen, others may have more advanced skills, such as remembering dates or remembering places and directions. . But this of courseforget, can’t remember‘ isn’t just because of the aspect of your memory that you’re better at.

How focused are you while watching and reading?

While many people who experience this condition initially think they have a poor memory, there are actually many reasons why we forget about it. Professor of Psychology at Memorial University of Newfoundland. Dr Kathleen Hourihan describes the first of these factors as “How well you pay attention while watching a movie or reading a book affects your recall level‘ he explains.

So while watching a movie, ‘Oh, this actor was in another movie, what was his name?’ When you stop the movie to look for a while, think: when you look at your phoneReading a book, quickly flipping the pages, or reading a sentence and thinking will affect how well you remember this movie or book.

Again, according to Hourihan, instead of performing this behavior, think about the content you consume, focus, connect with your own lifeIdentifying your own story with characters or events helps you remember that content.

Chatting with a friend after consuming a movie or TV show can be more effective than you think.

When you think of memory and recall, you might think of the act of throwing information into the brain and holding it in. But it’s much more than that, according to Sean Kang, a cognitive psychologist at the University of Melbourne. It’s as important as throwing information into the brain and remembering it over and over.. Kang says this will bolster the information in question.

So about what you watch, what you read. while talking to your friends The information is consolidated as you repeatedly recall the subject from the halls of your brain. So it becomes more difficult for you to forget that content. You can compare this to teachers reinforcing the topic by doing quizzes and orals while covering the topics.

Consuming too much content makes it hard to remember what we consumed

Another common statement from various experts on this subject is: the current consumption habits of content It proves how it affects our memory.

Like watching a lot of movies or reading a lot of books, according to Linden. repetitive behaviormakes memories of that content ‘general’ in our memory. Our brain continues with the current one by throwing back the old information. Unless that information is repeated, it becomes difficult to remember. Instead of the whole plot, characters, lines, we ‘reflect’ that content or memory.useful, useless, beautiful, ugly’ traces of experience, such as finding

Now we finish the series in one go and continue with the new one, We watch dozens, maybe hundreds of videos every day.At a time when we have access to countless movies with one click, we consume so much content that our speed of remembering each movie individually also slows down.

For example, do you remember? it was talked about for weeks when a viral video appeared on the internet, going from hand to hand, everyone laughed and talked about it. Because the number of content on the Internet was not as endless as it is now.

That’s exactly why you don’t easily remember a video you watched on TikTok today that was funny to you, while the videos that went viral in those years are still on everyone’s minds today. because there are manyAnother video takes its place before it has a permanent place in your memory.

We no longer rely on our memory but on a Google search

Another factor is that we no longer use our memory as often to retrieve information. All explanations based on the time spent on the content consumed, how much we think about it and how much we repeat it. what are we doing?

If we need to consume quickly, often divert our attention while watching or reading, switch to a new one without thinking about it and remember something about it. we google instead of taxing our memory. This means that we meet almost no requirements to remember the content.

However, according to experts, you don’t have to remember a movie, book or other content to leave a mark on you or be valuable to you. Because while it’s nice to remember the details, What really matters is the trail it leaves on our subconscious and how we code that experience.. Even though we don’t remember the details, the place of that movie that changed our lives always remains the same!

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