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Microsoft renews Windows 11 deployment 24H2 so you can try it out

Microsoft resumed Windows 11 24H2 deployment this weekend. ...

Which seat should I sit in to take the least damage in a crashed plane?

First of all, it’s helpful to remember that; yes, some seat occupants may suffer less damage in a plane crash than others, but plane crashes are very common. rarely experienced and there are usually no survivors of a crashed plane.

But about this some studies are available. The data from the US Federal Aviation Administration and the joint work of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Wayne University in the US years ago give some idea on this issue.

To understand this, dummy passengers were placed in various positions on a downed 170-seat passenger plane.

airplane seat

Some seat belt fastened and they sat with their heads in their arms, some without seatbelts but with their heads in their arms, and some without both seatbelts and headgear.

After the pilots taking off the plane were parachuted from a certain altitude, the plane was dropped in a controlled manner in a desert in Mexico.

The reason why this fall method is especially preferred is that the accidents 80% of it was this way. The plane crashed at a speed of 225 km and broke apart in a short time. Subsequent investigations showed that the dolls who sat in which chair and in which position suffered less damage.

Even the dolls, who wore seat belts and protected their heads with their arms, were found to have broken joints.

airplane seats

only wear seat belt don’t protect their heads The dolls were seen to suffer serious head injuries, while those who were not wearing leashes had no chance of survival.

middle seats in the back of the plane It has been found to be safer, so the further you are from the cockpit, the better your chances of survival. Those in business class in the first 11 seats and those in the cockpit have no chance of escaping. The accident reports of the past 35 years also support the results of this experiment.

Because the intensity of the crash towards the rear of the plane is getting worse. Severity of impact on the middle seats up to 9 times the force of gravity, in the back seat it is felt 6 times as much.

This can of course vary depending on the type of accident and the type of aircraft.


It should also be noted that a explosion or fire If so, the chance of survival is greatly reduced. In addition; If there is an accident that requires you to get off the plane urgently, it is advantageous to sit in a seat close to the emergency exit, you can get out earlier during the fight.

Honestly, since the probability of planes crashing every time is very small the battle to choose the safest seat it doesn’t make much sense. In addition, if a plane crashes, the chance of survival is very low. Most airlines charge extra so that you can choose the seat you want. The decision is still yours…

If you say “I jump when the plane is about to hit the ground instead of sitting down”, we have explained in our content below what would happen in such a situation:

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Source: Web Tekno


Microsoft renews Windows 11 deployment 24H2 so you can try it out

Microsoft resumed Windows 11 24H2 deployment this weekend. ...

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Microsoft renews Windows 11 deployment 24H2 so you can try it out

Microsoft resumed Windows 11 24H2 deployment this weekend. The build is still in preview, intended for the Insider test channel, and offers an...


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