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Psychological and sociological factors that drive a person to become addicted to aesthetics ‘so strange’

However, some people may want more surgeries because they feel like they aren’t perfect enough no matter how many surgeries they’ve had. The most distinctive features of these people constantly apply to various doctors, is It can always be better We can talk about thinking and wishing for the positive sense of change that comes after surgery. In such cases, it is possible to talk about addiction to plastic surgery.

Obviously, the person is dependent on plastic surgery, with the feeling of psychological pressure as if he has to constantly change his appearance. So why does someone become addicted to plastic surgery? This one psychological and sociological Let’s look at the reasons together.

Do not judge people who are addicted to plastic surgery because one of the causes of addiction is the body dysmorphic disorder.

Dysmorphic Disorder of the Body

Body dysmorphic disorder is considered a behavioral disorder in the fifth (DSM-5) of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, which defines several psychological disorders. Persons suffering from this condition; They may see themselves as inadequate, shapeless, weak, disgusting and very ugly. This is in the general population 1% and 2% Although it is a very rare psychiatric condition, research has shown that it is 15 times more common in people who sign up for plastic surgery. Basically, this conduct disorder can be seen in people who frequently demand plastic surgery.

People with body dysmorphic disorder see themselves as flawed, even if there is no problem with their bodies in daily life. are having a hard time emotionally. The reason for the incessant plastic surgeries that people have done is the psychology they are in. Of course, some people who experience this situation may also have a congenital or acquired defect in their body.

Dysmorphic Disorder

These people are obsessed with a part of their body and think that place is so ugly that these negative thoughts drive them to do something. These people must constantly look in the mirror, compare their personal characteristics, peel the skin and seek security. Sometimes people even make crazy attempts to operate on themselves. In fact, these behaviors obsessive compulsive (repetitive thoughts and obsessive behavior based on) is a type of behavior.

People who are dissatisfied with their bodies may not only try to repair their bodies by constantly undergoing plastic surgery, but may also try to correct a negative perception about themselves.


According to psychologists; People who are dissatisfied with their bodies may try to correct their negative self-perceptions by surgically altering their images. In other words, these people do not resolve their psychological problems even if they undergo surgery. constant desire to have surgery and we can say that these demand-driven actions will continue.


But no matter how much they go under the knife, these people are both stronger than before because their continued aesthetic demands and unrealistic expectations will not end. a worse image They can also lose a lot of money this way. In this context, we can mention names like Valeria Lukyanova, Nanette Hammond, Blondie Bennett, Heidi Montag, Dakota Rose, who underwent plastic surgery to look like Barbie.

Even Valeria Lukyanova in 2013 He attended the White Show and throughout the show everyone wonders, “Is he from Earth?” He looked confused, as if asking a question. Nanette Hammond, on the other hand, spent 2 million 368 thousand lira to look like Barbie, and she had her latest surgery on her vagina, which left her wondering if that would be enough.

Of course, our examples are not limited to just women. Rodrigo Alves, who went under the knife to look like Barbie’s girlfriend Ken, is a very popular example.

Rodrigo Alveso

Another reason for his addiction is opioids (chemicals such as morphine).


It may sound interesting, but sometimes the abuse of chemicals such as opioids occurs in people who frequently undergo plastic surgery. Since surgery for cosmetic purposes is generally weak and painful, doctors use different techniques to heal wounds and stop pain. addictive can prescribe medication for these people. Since the wounds take months to heal, these drugs can cause long-term use in the person. For example, people with both physical problems and emotionally weak people may be interested in plastic surgery to use these feel-good drugs more. As you can see, the situation is not encouraging at all.

Continuous plastic surgery is a major health threat.

Plastic surgery

Having too many surgical procedures; It can cause too many wounds in the body, blood clots, infections and muscle deformity. Even the heart can stop during surgery from too much anesthesia. Because many doctors are aware of these risks, many plastic surgeries He doesn’t want to operate on people who have had surgery.

Maybe it’s because all the surgery and all the pain is just because looking good is valued in today’s world.

aesthetic woman

We live in a modern social structure and we can see that the body of modern man is shaped around the ideal body perception. Today, for a person, image can mean “the only capital in ownership.” The body has become a consumer good within capitalism. If you ask how to explain this, it aims at aestheticizing the body, ”size 0, thin waist, full chest, muscular body” statements such as; It may prompt people to undergo more plastic surgeries to place their bodies in these molds. In other words, people get into the body shapes that society likes as plastic surgery and thus gain reputation and respect.

Kim Kardashian

But as with everything, there is an ever-changing understanding of what the body should look like. What we like today the danger of not liking tomorrow We are in. Because tastes and preferences can always change into new consumption habits. Changes in physical preference and pleasure can cause people to be dissatisfied with their bodies.

In fact, this seems like a tough circle to get out of. Because what is popular today will be obsolete tomorrow, To catch the trend, they are consuming more plastic surgeries and changing their bodies. they will constantly feel the pressure and have to change. More precisely, you can see that the social meanings assigned to the body necessarily create this pressure for change in people who have bodies that don’t match those meanings.

Sahar Tabar

You may have even seen Iran’s Sahar Tabar on the news. He is an actor that people like and love. look like Angelina Jolie He has had multiple surgeries. Do you think he really got the result he wanted? Was it worth the pain he inflicted on himself, what do you think?

Editor’s Note: Plastic surgery is not only used for beautification. There are types of this surgery, for example reconstructive surgery works to correct all congenital or acquired deformities and dysfunctions. What I am talking about here is the cosmetic procedures performed for purely cosmetic purposes and the problem of addiction to these operations.

Sources: Verywellmind, The Recovery Village, Addiction Center

Source: Web Tekno



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