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The interesting reason for blue eyes in black people that amazes science to learn

For this reason, the question is often asked where the origin of blue-eyed Africans comes from. Of course, there are many different scientific explanations for this situation. For example, a blue-eyed african If he has a white relative in his lineage, this can be counted as a reason for his blue eyes.

or completely a mutation in genes can also cause this condition. In fact, to understand this problem, it is necessary to look at the scientific explanation of how blue eyes are formed. Let’s see how scientists have dealt with this situation.

In fact, humans originally had brown eyes, so blue eyes were the result of a genetic mutation.

Black eye

The study at the University of Copenhagen studied 800 blue-eyed male and female individuals from different countries. As a result of the research, blue eyes were likely caused by a genetic mutation that occurred 10,000 years ago. to the same DNA sequence thereby detected. In this context, medical professor Hans Eiberg says that humans actually have brown eyes, thanks to a genetic mutation that affects the OCA2 gene (in humans, a protein encoded by the oculocutaneous albinism II gene) in the chromosomes.


This mutation ocular albinism it is called. Some scientists even say that the OCA2 gene, formerly called the P gene, produces a pigment called melanin. Melanin is a substance that gives color to skin, hair and eyes. Scientists say this gene mutation changes the amount of melanin produced in the iris of the eyes (the vascular area behind the transparent layer at the front of the eye that gives the eye its color) and lowers the concentration at which brown eyes occur, causing darker eyes to appear. blue eyes. As you can see, this mutation limits the ability to produce brown eyes.

Eighty percent of blue-eyed people live in Estonia and the Scandinavian countries.


While most blue-eyed people live in Europe, according to research by researcher Edmund Custers, all blue-eyed people in the world are same gene mutation owner. For this reason, it is possible to talk about the existence of blue-eyed people with a total percentage of eighty percent throughout Estonia, Scandinavian countries and African countries.

Waardenburg syndrome is another cause of blue eyes.

Waardenburg syndrome

Actually, this syndrome is like ocular albinism. But the only difference in this syndrome is that the eyes are different colors from each other and hearing loss, white hair on the forehead. some symptoms contain. In addition, Waardenburg syndrome is a very rare genetic disease.

From the relatives on mother’s or father’s side have white relatives It’s not enough to be a black with blue eyes.

black baby

the parents’ family, from both Must have white relatives. Because blue eyes may not immediately appear in the family tree. It may take several generations for this situation to arise. For example, it did not occur in the grandmother, but the grandchild after the third generation, once you see it, has blue eyes. The reason this happens after generations is the presence of a partial recessive gene.

Explain by giving an example; We get most of our genes from two copies of both genes, one from our mother and one from our father. eye color gen (B) brown version, recessive blue version (b) more dominant than If one of your dominant genes is version B, then you cannot have blue eyes. Because blue remains recessive to brown. If we explain the situation with the genetic part of the job; BB or Bb genes can be activated for brown eyes, but the genes for blue eyes must be bb. In other words, in the ancestors of blue-eyed blacks; Both parents must have the b version of both genes.

Sources: Travel Noire, The Tech

Source: Web Tekno



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