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After viewing these images, you will better understand why 6 months of night and 6 months of day are experienced in the poles.

Our planet has a unique beauty and a life balance that has been going on for many years. The movement of the sun and around itself is the most important point for the sun. distance and many more factors that overwhelm themselves for us. livable makes it. But all this raises many question marks about our planet.

Although these reach very confusing dimensions, we are mainly in this content. mixed a subject that may seem, but is actually very simple, day and night Let’s talk about the length of time. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Our Earth is not upright in the Sun’s orbit:

Instead, by a job 23 degrees We are obliquely in a corner. Because of this, places on our planet look at the sun in different ways. for example equator region gets warmer as it receives earlier and continuous sunlight from other places.

But because of the axial tilt we mentioned Poland a little more than the sun stays oblique and they see fewer sun faces. Likewise, due to this tendency, the night and day levels are significantly longer.

The weather is pleasant for us. But because of its axial tilt, when one pole faces the sun, the other faces the dark side:

the sun certain hours We see it in range and then it sinks. Because our country moves to the unlit region after a certain hour due to the rotation of the earth, and this repeats every 24 hours.

But the poles either face the sun for a long part of the year or are in darkness:

When I say ‘a long time’ here, it’s about six bears We mean. In this context, the sun’s rays reached the equator on September 23 and March 21. fair income and thus begins the day-night period of six months for both poles.

September 23 The sun’s rays begin to come perpendicular to the southern hemisphere. For this reason, the duration of the day is longer here. In the Northern Hemisphere, the opposite happens and the days get shorter. In this context, we have autumn a 6-month trek in the North Pole. night period begins. At the same time, the opposite happens at the South Pole, with 6 months of daylight.

On March 21, we see the opposite. In addition, on both dates, the sun’s rays reach both poles.

This time we have to spring we come in. In the Northern Hemisphere, the days are getting longer, giving the North Pole more sunlight. In this context, the 6 month daylight period can now be seen at the North Pole, while the South Pole is too 6 months night period expires.

Finally, let’s say that in 5 months of this 6-month period (according to the pole), day or night is observed, and in 1 month twilight is observed at both poles.

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Source: Web Tekno



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