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ASML presents Hyper-NA EUV machines

ASML is already working on a successor to the...

Russia wants to build its own space station after abandoning the ISS

Russian Space Agency, roscosmospresented a model of its own space station, called ROSS (Russian Orbital Space Station, or “Russian Orbital Space Station” loosely translated) to compete with the International Space Station (International Space Station/ ISS). It would be a strategic move not to slow down the space race, even after the recent political problems caused by war in ukraine. Russia intends to sever relations with ISS until 2024according to statements Yuri BorisovDirector General of the Federal Space Agency of Russia.

At a meeting with the President Vladimir Putin, Borisov said:

Obviously, we will fulfill all obligations to our partners, but the decision to abandon this station (ISS) until 2024 has already been determined.

(loans: ROSS Concept / loans: Roscosmos / space.com)

Last Monday, August 15, roscosmos demonstrated the ROSS model at a military exhibition outside Moscow. The project will be divided into two phrases. four modules leaders are included in the primary structure. already in second stagetwo additional modules and a service platform will be added.

According to international media reports, the Russians were planning to start first stage in 2025 — and do not intend to postpone the project for more than 5 (five years), before 2030. OUR next stage will be scheduled for between 2030 and 2035.

Continuation after commercial

End of a long partnership

Some experts are speculating how the country intends to launch such a complex project, despite the problems caused by recent international sanctions. OUR partnership between roscosmos and NASA in ISS not recently, and began more than two decades ago, in mid-1998,

From here to hereAt least one American and one Russian astronaut used these facilities at the same time. Recent political tensions have undermined this strong professional relationship, especially in the wake of tougher international sanctions.

In JulyRussian space agency, on the official channel telegram, photos published three astronauts support for incursions of the armed forces into the territory of Ukraine. Despite promises not to leave the ISS before the deadline, those involved create security plans in case the order is not followed.

Russian space debris triggered an unplanned maneuver from the International Space Station

Russian space debris triggered an unplanned maneuver from the International Space Station
Despite the problems that arose, nothing threatened the ISS crew.

Source: gizmodo.com, space.com


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ASML presents Hyper-NA EUV machines

ASML is already working on a successor to the high-NA EUV machines it has on the market today. These are intended to further increase...


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