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Sealed cave 3300 years ago found in Israel: its treasures are the same age as Ramses II

The use of the cave dates back to when the ancient Egyptians, led by Ramses II (who ruled from 1279 BC to 1213 BC), ruled over what is now Israel. During the reign of Ramses II, Egypt controlled an empire stretching from modern Sudan to Syria.

More about the finds

Construction workers operating a mechanical excavator in Palmachim Beach National Park discovered the cave when the machine unexpectedly ran through its roof. Archaeologists who came later went down a ladder.

One of the archaeologists descends into the cave / Photo by Israel Antiquities Office

  • Inside, everything is “frozen in time,” as the researchers say. Throughout the cave, ceramics and bronze artifacts often associated with burial rites have been carefully arranged. It was believed that such things help the deceased in the afterlife.
  • Archaeologists have found dozens of pottery, including deep and shallow bowls, some painted red, as well as bowls (wide-bottomed glass), cooking utensils, storage jars, and lighting lamps.
  • Some crafts of the cave were not local. Eli Yannai, an archaeologist at the IAA, says several pottery has been made in Syria, Lebanon and Cyprus. The team plans to analyze possible organic residues from the ships to learn more about what might be inside them.
  • The cave also contained bronze arrowheads, which, depending on their location, were probably found in an quiver that later disintegrated.

Dozens of ceramic samples were found in the cave by the Israel Antiquities Authority / Photo

This discovery is made once in a lifetime. An extremely rare sight on the Indiana Jones set, beginning in the Late Bronze Age, the mighty King II. It is a cave floor covered with ships that have not been touched for 3,300 years during the reign of Ramses.
Yannai said in a statement.

Unfortunately, it’s not clear from the archaeologists’ report whether any human remains were found in the cave or if there were any inscriptions or artifacts that could identify the person to whom the items belonged.

After initial research, the IAA re-sealed and secured the cave, but unfortunately it was recently looted. They are looking for criminals. It is unknown what exactly was stolen.

Archaeologists are now preparing for a full-scale excavation and are putting together a team for it.

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