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Why does our voice change too much to be recognized when we cry?

Your sinuses may also swell if your vocal cords swell when you cry. As you know, this situation due to nasal congestion your voice may sound worse than it is.

But what happens when you cry change of tone That’s not the only reason. So what could be the other reasons for this situation?

Crying for a long time can wear out the vocal cords.


Crying for too long can also damage the vocal cords in babies. This situation has the same effect on adults. divide it causes. So your voice may sound softer than it is. Sometimes many people wonder why their throat swells after crying for a long time.

Namely; Because the autonomic nervous system (which stands for involuntary movements) activates the sympathetic nervous system (which is active in stressful situations), our bodies trigger the fight-or-flight response when we cry. This response allows us to perform many functions, including eating and drinking, just for the moment. obstacles.

Annoying content showing the vocal cords

Here the swelling of the throat is caused by the swelling of the glottis (medical name for the middle part where the vocal cords are located), located in the gap between the vocal cords. Because when this swells, the throats also feel full and tense. Even Dr. Patricia Salber says the reason this happens is due to our body’s instinct to protect us from harm. So the body really has to be careful that no mucus or tears get into the lungs. conflict it has done.

Clearing the throat (you can think of it as clearing the vocal cords) so that your voice sounds normal when you cry is actually not good.

vocal cords when crying

Instead of trying to control their voice when they cry on stage, some performers go first take a deep breath there is. Because during this time, the breathing can stop the crying a little and the voice can gradually return to normal.

Another reason is to stretch the jaw muscles.

Representative image showing the jaw muscles

When you cry, your jaw tightens and even that’s why that you have trouble speaking you can feel it. In fact, this is due to a physiological response of the body to the emotional problem it is experiencing.

Amber heard crying

In such a situation, instead of squeezing your jaw even more in an effort to speak well, calm down and then you start talking it would be better.

Not to mention that your face crumples when you cry.

Kmi Kardashian Don't cry

While the tears keep streaming down your face, Your facial muscles are also involved. So if you try to speak because you inadvertently grimaced, your voice may sound sadder and thinner. Being out of breath in such a situation is also not good for the voice. As we mentioned above, breathing is one of the most effective ways to control the vocal cords. diaphragm (chest cavity) is to be able to check.

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