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“Why are we laughing at something?” The question has been answered: here is the new theory

Some things we hear or see in everyday life add joy to our lives and can make us laugh. So why do we laugh at such things? While many studies have been conducted to shed light on this issue, there is still no clear answer.

from the University of Siena, Italy Professor of Petiatrics Carlo Valerio Bellieni, has pursued this issue and conducted an extensive investigation. Bellieni has re-examined more than 150 published studies to date and developed a new theory about why we laugh, based on the theories produced.

The way we laugh at something happens through three basic steps:


As a result of his research research, Bellieni concluded that laughter consists of three basic steps: Confusion, solution and a clear signal. So, how can we smile as a result of these three basic steps?

According to Bellieni; for us to laugh somehow in a situation that seems strange and creates a sense of dissonance. we need These situations can be situations that cause confusion or panic. In the second step, reflect on the fear or stress caused by the inappropriate situation, and we come to a solution.

For example, in the second step resolution process, while a tiger we see on the road is normally terrifying, we consider the situation harmless when this tiger suddenly starts rolling on the ground on its own. Then the third step comes into play: We laugh. This step also ensures that the situation is ‘safe’ for the people around us. a clear signal does its job. In this way, laughter can turn into an action that spreads among people.

The theory also sheds light on why you might fall in love with the person who made you laugh:

According to Bellieni, based on these results, the hypothesis that you can fall in love with someone just because they make you laugh evolves into a different path. fall in love with this person It’s not just because it makes you laugh. On the contrary, this person gives you the message “we are comfortable, we are safe” with a smile. This creates a sense of confidence.

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