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NASA and SpaceX Sign Agreement to ‘Save’ Hubble Space Telescope!

It was launched in 1990 and has been operating at an altitude of 540 kilometers above the Earth for more than 30 years. Hubble Space Telescopehas played an important role in illuminating many mysteries of space. While the telescope is expected to be replaced by James Webb and Hubble is expected to retire, important news came from NASA today.

According to the shared announcement, NASA sought a solution with Elon Musk’s space company SpaceX to take Hubble to higher orbit. In this context, an agreement was signed between the two companies. In order for the maneuver planned for Hubble to take place, SpaceX’s Dragon Capsule marked.

NASA will not spend a dime on the project:


According to NASA’s announcement, the idea to extend Hubble’s lifespan came on a proposal from SpaceX a few months ago. Thomas Zurbuchen, one of the heads of NASA, said that with the proposal and agreement, NASA’s mission is to extend Hubble’s life. will not allocate funds stated.

If SpaceX’s idea of ​​performing this mission were presented to NASA with the Crew Dragon vehicle, the company would… Polaris program It grew out of a partnership with a private space company called On the Other Side, Crew Dragon doesn’t have a robotic arm that can attach equipment to Hubble or make changes. It is not yet clear how this task will be performed.

Unlike James Webb, the Hubble Space Telescope does not contain thrusters. The telescope is therefore at altitude or in orbit around the earth. cannot make settings.

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