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NASA shares ghostly moon images from Orion vehicle

that of NASA artemis 1 The Orion spacecraft, recently launched for its mission, broke the record for the longest crewed vehicle yesterday and came very close to the moon. Orion even flew close to the moon. During this journey, he took several images with the cameras on the tips of his wings and sent them to Earth.

to the lunar surface 130 kilometers The spacecraft approached the distance and also shared several photos of the lunar surface. These photos are pretty scary and show how dangerous space can be. These photos are from NASA flickr from your account shared.

Orion shared photos of herself for the first time


The moon is in the background. This photo is from the vehicle’s first hours in lunar orbit.


Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Donald Trump, Messi, Ronaldo, you, us, your uncles and so on all live above that light blue dot in the background.

It then gradually approached the lunar surface.

lunar surface

Then the craft slowly approached the moon.

lunar surface

Even closer..

lunar surface

And more.

Maybe there’s a crater here


Every crater needs a friend, let’s shoot some craters here too


You can scatter even more craters on the surface with meteorites of all sizes.


You can use this link to access all other photos and videos shared by NASA.

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