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A stunning massive galactic collision has been observed

While this year’s star is the James Webb Space Telescope, we’ve already told you about the findings of the Hubble Space Telescope, which launched into space in 1990 and has been actively providing data to scientists ever since.

Once again we are faced with a finding from the Hubble Space Telescope. 30-year-old telescope, 670 million light-years from Earth saw a galactic collision. Let’s see the photos from the event together.

Hubble would retire in 2030

Hubble’s latest image shows the Arp-Madore 417-391 galactic merger. The two galaxies were pulled together by gravity and twisted into a giant ring, creating this huge image.

The image is like Hubble’s detection of distant and ancient galaxies – built for just such events. Advanced Investigation Camera (ACS) was achieved. Hubble Space Telescope Planned to retire in 2030 but the telescope of NASA and SpaceX He is also known to work to prolong his life.

What do you think of this wonderful astronomical event? Please don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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