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The World’s Worst Smelling Chemical: Thioacetone, Which Odors Call “Hell’s Garbage”

One of our senses that allows us to perceive our surroundings. sense of smellNot only can it make us feel really good things, but it can also make us hear smells that cause us to escape the environment. But are there really heavier scents that stay simple compared to other scents?

Think of a fragrance whose sole purpose is to smell; causing hundreds or even thousands of people to break downwind and flee in horror. Today you We will be talking about a chemical called thioacetone.

The chemical smellers call “the smell of hell”: thioacetone


Thioacetone, a member of the organic sulfur compound family, already known for its bad smell, is considered the strongest-smelling chemical in the world, according to studies.. Thioacetone, a compound of (CH3)2CS, is a chemical that exists in liquid form below -20 degrees Celsius. in 1889 Thioacetone was accidentally discovered while working on chemical synthesis at a factory in Germany and caused the smell to affect everyone within 750 meters. to start vomiting caused. Along with these effects, the smell, which caused panic, was such a bad experience that people jumped out of the window.

The experiment conducted in 1967 with this substance, which even chemists dare not investigate, provides us with important information.

The most in-depth analysis was carried out by Victor Nurnop and Kenneth Latham at the Esso Research Station in the UK. According to this research, many distances of a quarter mile (400 meters) observer placed. Then crude thioacetone A drop of the substance obtained from their crystallization was dropped onto the glass.

The smell emanating from this very small amount of thioacetone dropped, It traveled downwind within seconds and was spotted by observers. This chemical, which smells like “hell’s dump,” is known for its heavy odor and rapid spread. People who smell the chemical may pass out, accompanied by vomiting and darkening of the eyes.

Today I bring you the worst smelling chemical in the world. We were talking about thioacetone. If you want more content like this, write to us in the comments section.

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