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If we cover the Sahara desert with solar panels, the energy needs of 4 Earths can be met: so why not?

That huge thing with which we can collect our energy when we wake up in the morning: the sun! So what about this huge natural resource, from charging our phones to lighting streetlights? renewable and sustainable What if somehow the whole world could benefit?

Researchers have discovered the largest desert in the world, the Sahara. four times the current energy demand They envision that it is “theoretically” possible to turn it into a giant solar park that it can afford. Then what’s stopping us? Let’s take a closer look at this problem.

Deserts, which have an immense, dangerous and fascinating effect on the world, are really the only places where we can take full advantage of solar energy.

extend and to gigantic sizes Deserts can have an indispensable look and efficiency in terms of renewable and sustainable energy source by bringing the sunlight to the last ray.

So why is it the world’s largest desert? solar panels in the Sahara shouldn’t energy be established and distributed to the whole world? In fact, not everything is as shiny and smooth as it seems. Let’s take a closer look at these assumptions.

The climate crisis is progressing step by step as energy is brought in from the Sahara desert.


Suppose huge solar panels are installed in the Sahara desert. Since the black surfaces of solar panels absorb most of the sunlight, only part of the energy they can convert (about 15%) into electricity.

A solar panel built in the Sahara at that time would absorb most of the rest, as the vast desert absorbs the sunlight that falls directly and continuously on it. will radiate to the surroundings as heat. A huge heat mass emanating from the largest desert in the world will also have negative effects on the climate.

solar panel sahara desert

In addition, some studies assume that 20% of the Sahara desert is filled with solar panels, that 1.5°C of the local temperatures in the desert and 50% of the desert is covered. temperature rise It turns out that it has risen by 2.5°C.

It is concluded that this warming will spread to the Earth with the movement of the atmosphere and the ocean and will increase the Earth’s average temperature by 0.16°C at 20% coverage and 0.39°C at 20% coverage. coverage of 50%. This temperature change will cause the glaciers to melt; simultaneously melting sea ice, revealing dark water that absorbs much more solar energy acceleration of global warming can bring it to a point.

As the climate crisis deepens, an increase in the destruction left to nature is observed.

climate crisis solar panels sahara

Speaking of the climate crisis, solar panels 100% efficiency and accuracy Of course, we cannot say that it was created. We underline that to talk about the existence of a solar panel, you have to think about the pollution caused by the factories where it is produced and the countless electronic parts in these factories.

In such a case there are of course points for attention for a future-oriented renewable and sustainable energy supply. But if we want to cover the Sahara with solar panels and pass it on to the whole world can cause great damage to nature It is a fact that we have paved the way for large-scale pollution. The point we need to think about here is a world built with renewable and sustainable energy, or is it to save that world as soon as possible before it gets even more battered?

Even if everything is resolved, it is quite difficult to distribute the energy supplied from the Sahara all over the world.


Let’s say all the issues we mentioned above are solved. What about the solar panels to be installed? production costs and we’re running into states and companies that will cover these costs (or will anyone actually want to pay for it?). While the cost of the solar panels to install baffles us given the size and multitude of solar panels, we naturally think one hand will take this brick.

Solar panels were installed, let’s say our door to the energy of our dreams was opened step by step. So how will that energy cross these paths when it says from the Sahara to Turkey, from the Sahara to America? This renewable and sustainable energy works long distance transmission must be installed before infrastructure technology Is it possible, if possible, could another cost crisis be knocking on our door? It could be very natural. Or, from another point of view, let’s go back to the countries where energy transfer from the Sahara is the simplest and easiest. Europe is fine, but are many other African countries able to afford the cost of energy and transportation? We think not!

Perhaps what we call renewable and sustainable energy is a mirage we see over the Sahara!

When we look at the results of the renewable and sustainable energy studies we made while traveling across the Sahara, it seemed like a mirage to our eyes. climate crisis, cost, transfer There are problems that cannot be solved, such as Solar panels have not yet been installed in the Sahara desert.

However, scientists continue to work to provide this energy. We, on the other hand, hold onto our energy until the day solar panels are installed in the Sahara desert. to preserve and sustain the universe Let’s keep striving for a sustainable and renewable world.

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