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Elon Musk Announces When They’ll Chip Into Human Brain: Neuralink Surgery Video Released [+18]

It also owns SpaceX, Tesla, The Boring Company and now Twitter. Elon Muskshared big news from another company, Neuralink, which is developing a brain-machine interface. During an event at 05:00 CET, Musk announced that the company will now test the developed chips.

The event started with a video demonstration of a monkey integrating the brain-machine interface. Let’s talk about the important developments that were shown and announced during the event, which lasted about 3 hours.

Monkey with Neuralink chip uses a ‘telepathic’ keyboard:

  • Minute: 3:50 am

What a monkey with a Neuralink chip implanted in its brain was capable of was quite impressive. The monkey with the chip used the on-screen keyboard. Of course, the monkey did not do this by thinking of words.

Monkey moves the mouse cursor on the screen just by thinking He brought it over the yellow highlighted letters and words. As you can see in the video, this process went quite smoothly.

PRECISION PICTURE: The operation in which Neuralink was placed in the brain was shared moment by moment

While the Neuralink team shares the current state of the technology, the chip provides the brain-machine interface how it is placed in a living being also showed. The entire surgical process was performed with a robot.

Neuralink’s chip charges wirelessly:

  • Minute: 02:00

Of course, the chips that Neuralink places in the brain have a power unit and a capacity. Of course, in order for the chips to be easy to use, a different charging method must be used.

Neuralink currently also includes wireless charging technology. As you can see in the video above, the monkey charger placed on the tree trunk above his head, he charges the chip when the monkey goes under it. The graph on the right side of the video also shows the power of this charging process in real time, how hot the chip gets during charging, and the amperage.

Neuralink will even provide machine vision!

In the above part of the event, the team gives thanks to the Neuralink chip artificial vision explained how they are trying to improve. From the 7th minute of the video, you can watch the rendering of the image the monkey sees with the signals being given to its brain.

Nothing is projected on the screen opposite the monkey. The white dots we see on the screen are sent as signals to the monkey’s brain and processed by the visual cortex. Therefore, the monkey sees these non-existent white dots through signals going to the brain, and responds by moving their eyes.

neural link

Of course, this chip will be extremely critical, especially for people who have lost their sight. Neuralink also shared the logic of a system that will transfer the image from the outside world to the brain with the image above.

The image comes from a camera, is processed by any device such as an iPhone, and then the data in this image is sent to Neuralink’s chip. The chip sends signals to the brain allowing the visual cortex to see the image on the camera offers.

It will be possible not only to see, but even to act:

The Neuralink chip is intended not only to see, but even to move. The company also showed how to control a pig’s movement in the example shown. (Minutes 4.28)

Manned tests start in 6 months!

Musk claims the chip was developed by Neuralink and implanted in the brain start human trials within 6 months announced that they were waiting. Of course, for these tests to begin, approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration must first be obtained.

Who is Elon Musk, what is he up to?

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