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What a mother who lost her child to ‘Strep A’ bacteria says and what you need to know about the disease

The epidemics that followed Covid-19 also shocked our already tired bodies. In fact, one of them was recently ‘incurable flu’ was the disease. We call it that because the disease never passes, it made people sick on bed mattresses for about 2 months. Experts confirmed that there is an increase in many virus cases after Covid-19. The virus we will talk about today is one of them. But it’s much scarier than the “flu.” because It can even take children’s lives…

Have you ever heard of Spectrococcus? Strep A is a type of bacteria, so it is not a virus. You know that viruses are not living organisms and can only grow and multiply within the cells they infect. However, bacteria multiply themselves ‘living organisms. Therefore, the consequences of a bacterial epidemic can be terrifying.

In fact, the bacteria continues to spread all over the world and unfortunately Aras lost his life because of this bacteria.

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  • Aras Sonmez.

last in england In 3 months time, 30 children died from the bacteria in question. However, the number continues to increase day by day all over the world. Recently, a mother in Ekşi Sözlük said that she opened a topic for the first time and the disease that his son Aras could only fight for a short time told. Aras is currently not alive, but his family is trying to raise their voices to raise awareness.

We have also contacted Aras’ mother, Derya Sönmez, and obtained her permission to create this content. We hope that what he writes and tells can help people become aware.

We should take what Derya Sönmez told us as a ‘lesson’.

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Doctors may compare the symptoms to meningitis or pharyngitis.

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The disease does not always manifest itself in the same way. Because it can cause various diseases.

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  • Infection in the throat.

The bacteria, also known as Strep A, is common with sore throat, high fever and rash show the effect. Symptoms such as bruising, inflammation in the throat canal, weakness and muscle aches can be added to these symptoms from time to time. One of the factors that makes Strep A so scary is that it can cause various diseases.

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These include skin diseases such as scarlet fever, impetigo (an infection that causes blisters and redness on the skin), and cellulitis. In rare cases, it can cause necrotizing fasciitis (deep tissue infection under the skin) and toxic shock syndrome (an illness with symptoms such as rash, peeling, diarrhea that can lead to death).

What should we do if we notice the symptoms?

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  • Skin rash caused by strep A bacterial infection. (It may not always be so obvious. Likewise, there were only lumpy little rashes in Aras.)

Bacteria It is more common in people under the age of 18. and deadly can yield results. For this reason, we recommend that you go to the doctor as soon as possible if you encounter any of the symptoms in your child or yourself. Because after the bacteria enters the body, it spreads very quickly and can cause the organs to fail.

There is a cure, but the bacteria may not give you time for it.

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After the detection of the disease after the first symptoms start treatment as soon as possible needs. A disease of no vaccinecan only be treated with antibiotics. However, as we just mentioned, early detection of the disease is very important because the bacteria develops very quickly in the body. In case of delay, permanent damage to internal organs, loss of consciousness and death can occur.

The contagiousness of the disease is very high.

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  • A microscope image of Strep A.

Bacteria by coughing, sneezing and close contact can be transferred. However, every open wound It can also allow bacteria to enter your body.

Virologist and biotechnology specialist, who has been researching viruses for more than 20 years. Semih Tareen says the following about Strep A bacteria:

So what happened that Strep A cases started to increase?

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At the beginning of our content, we talked about “incurable flu.” The reason why so many more people get the flu this year and get better later It is seen as Covid-19. Many of us have not been in crowded environments since the onset of Covid-19 and live in isolation from other people as much as possible.

After the effects of Covid-19 wear off, Our body is an easy target for viruses. became. Therefore, we experience the diseases we catch more seriously and we get over them later. A study recently published in BMJ recently reveals that the number of cases of many diseases increased after Covid-19.

According to experts, the reason for this increase in the number of cases A new form of strep A bacteria it is also possible. However, there is no clear evidence for this yet. The circumstances we find ourselves in force us to be much more careful about viruses and bacteria. For this reason, we advise you to listen more to your body and not underestimate the ‘little’ discomforts you experience.

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